Catherine Deneuve is my idol…


The runway today is filled with references to old movies like Belle du Jour, in which Catherine Deneuve seduces with her elegant hair and glamorous clothes. I watch and think, How can I make that look work for me, today? As I walk down the street? Because I REALLY don’t want to look like I am wearing a costume. But the modern “Nude” face is surprisingly glamorous and a little more effort than it appears. However, it’s worth it.

The first thing that I realized is that this look requires the illusion of a flawless face. And while I have good skin, it is not perfection personified. So I wash my face and use an extremely light , gentle moisturizer, such as Caudalie Vinosource Quenching Sorbet Crème, which is a moisturizer that sinks quickly into the skin, which helps prevent makeup from settling into fine lines. I am someone who really hates foundation, and this is a look that can easily turn into a mask, so I prefer to use a concealer, such as Vapour Illusionist Concealer, which is an organic treatment concealer that is completely blendable and buildable, which means you can layer it lightly. Once all your blemishes and under eye circles are concealed, then you start to add in the non-color color of the classic “nude” face.

I am very fair, so I use a darker powder, such as VS Minerals Loose Powder in Medium, which makes my skin even and a bit less “Snow White” rosy. I use a second layer on my cheeks as a light blush. Warning: Keep the coats light, or you will just look like you overdosed on powder!

For an uncomplicated eye, nude colors should have a little texture, like a shimmer. I love putting a color like Bobbi Brown Navajo, which is a flat bone, under Vapour’s Mesmerize Eye Shimmer in Ember, which is a copper-y cream to powder on just the lid. Just swipe the bone color up to the brow, then layer the copper. Follow up with a very thin line of black eyeliner above the lid for definition and a tiny bit of black mascara.

On my lips, I skip lip liner, because I think they should be soft-looking, and just use a Vapour’s Plumping Lip Gloss in Honor, which is an opaque pink-nude. I also prefer to wear this look with my “bump-it” and black shift and kitten heels. Ooooh la la.

Ultimately, what I realized when I was breaking down this look is that neutrals need a play of texture to look current. A good place to add it is a slightly shimmery eye. And it is also really important to let your own skin color peek through in some places, for example, on the lips. Too much makeup reads as, well, too much makeup. Even with delicate colors.

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