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Here’s the big question: why try something new? There are so many choices out there; so where do you begin? If you walk into a makeup or department store, chances are you’ll be overwhelmed with options.

Sure, there’s the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, perhaps it’s not broken, but don’t you want it to run better? This fall, make sure you branch out and try something new. It could make a huge difference in your look! We explored a newly launched line, Bella il Fiore, with this in mind.

Oklahoma girl Jennifer Maloy founded Bella il Fiore in 2000 on the principle that a few key products are all you need to look and feel glamorous. Because she wanted to simplify the daily makeup routine, she settled on a few high quality staples that wear beautifully and work for (virtually) all women, and had pizzazz. Her target demographic? All women, “from working mothers to on-the-go fashionistas.”

When Maloy initially met with chemists that could help create her vision for the line complete with product composition and packaging she said, “I wanted the products to help you look great, but also be great for you.

Bella’s Private Eye Mascara is a must. Mascara packaged in a tube cleverly utilizes the makeup while preventing premature clumping and drying out. When I wore Private Eye, a male co-worker randomly commented that my lashes stood out. I’d say that it passes with flying colors if a guy comments on your lashes!

To reduce puffiness and discoloration while firming and evening tone of eye areas, try Double Oh! Eye Relief. I’ve noticed a difference in the tightness and even coloration after only using the product a short time. Read more

Smoky eyes are all the rage this season, so I tried Bella’s Hello Hot Eyes. The jumbo eyeliner creates sultry eyes; even for those of us who aren’t all that handy when it comes to application. The convenient sponge tip is perfect for blending and smudging for smoldering eyes.

Finally, I asked Jennifer what her top three “must haves” were:

• Eye Essential Kit – “never leave home without it”
• Roller Ball Eye Shadow – “live for this one”
• Radiant in Rio Mini Palette – “flattering on just about anyone at anytime”

In Italian, bella means beautiful. In beauty, Bella means simple, chic, fun and wearable.

Visit for more information or to purchase these goodies.

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