Clarins Spring Preview With Pati Dubroff

What better way to get a preview of Clarins spring color collection than by sitting down with makeup artist and Clarins ambassador Pati Dubroff?

When we sat down for a face-to-face with Dubroff while she was in New York City in December 2011, she shared her favorite products from the Clarins Colour Breeze spring line, which nods to lightness and air via a bright complexion, defined cheekbones and ultra-shiny lips. Dubroff, who said she partnered with the brand because it shares her passion and commitment to health and well-being, said her favorite thing about Clarins is the fact that brand often reformulates products based on new ingredients, science and technology that are being discovered in the world. There is no stagnancy when in comes to Clarins.

Dubroff also revealed the brand’s products that are not only in her makeup kit, but in her personal bathroom, as well.

Dubroff, who was responsible for stripped down, naturally beautiful look Kim Kardashian sported on the cover of Marie Claire recently, revealed that she loves the line’s tinted lip balms since they give a “a really nice glow to the lip with out a gloppy look. They are healing and taste like vanilla.”

We jokingly discussed how we as women are so attached to the products we love, and how we’ve seen women try and smuggle bigger than FDA-approved, 3.3 oz. bottles of face creams, eye creams and lip glosses on airplanes and how they battle the security staff, refusing to part with items or to check their bags. There is a push and pull and a panic over what to do: throw out a product or be forced to check the bag!

Dubroff recalled that when the restrictions regarding carry-on liquids were first put into place, things were strict. She revealed, “I had hid a By Terry lip balm. They are 50 bucks. I was going to Europe and thought, ‘No way I am going to be on this flight with no hydration,’ so I hid it. They found it and threw it away!” Gasp! That’s the worst!

But back to Clarins and its beautiful spring offerings. Dubroff reminded us of the unique way that the brand treats color, saying, “That’s the thing about Clarins world. There’s color, but it’s not like trying to paint. Even when there is a red, it’s a beautiful, wearable red. It’s always subtle touches of colors, not shocking or dense.”

We are loving the Gloss Prodige Intense Colour and Shine Lip Gloss. Dubroff extolled their virtues, saying, “It’s in the zone of a hybrid between a lipstick and a lip gloss, but also has an element that plumps without hurting and irritating the lips.” She couldn’t pick her favorite shade. It was futile. She loved them all and so do we!

Dubroff also shared her thoughts about what’s going to be hot this spring besides the weather! She said, “Sheer washes of color are really beautiful and there is a naturalness to it. It definitely looks refreshing, but it’s a refined naturalness. It’s classic but it fits. There can be strength to the look, but in a brow. Yet it’s not extreme. I like when you do a face that is sheer and nude but have some element of strength, and the brow can be that place to balance it out. Healthy skin is important, too.”

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