Clean Makeup for Spring 2023

I try my best to put only the very best in my body. I do yoga, drink my berry smoothies, and take my hot girl walks. On my body too – but what about my face? I’ve been trying out some clean makeup, thanks to Iris & Romeo, THR Beauty, NOOD Lashes, and Freck.

So let’s get into not only enhancing, but nourishing, your face with these products:

Weekend Skin SPF 50 + Vitamin C + Glow

Iris & Romeo’s Weekend Skin SPF 50 + Vitamin C + Glow does it all to prep and prime. Not only will it create a beautiful base, but it supports my skin: Vitamin C brightens and SPF protects and grips my foundation while imparting a dewy look. Also, for all my melanin girlies, this product dries transparent! Weekend Skin is for all days to make sun protection a breeze.

Brow Up

We all run late, some more than others (not naming names but… sometimes yes, it is me, okay). I can quickly brush on Brow Up and head out! Three benefits in one little product: tints, holds, and grows with vegan-formulated proteins and amino acids. I couldn’t be happier, whether I’m sporting a clean girl look or full glam with Brow Up.

Ceramide Multi-Balm

Now if I’m really running low on time, I pop the Ceramide Multi-Balm on while also strengthening my skin. The ceramides infused within the product transforms my skin into bouncy, happy, flush looks. I add a bit to my lips, eyes, and cheeks all under a minute. Warm Flush which is a toasty, tawny brown gives me that sun-kissed slight burnt without any of the sun.

Desert Sky Highlighting Oil

THR Beauty’s Desert Sky Highlighting Oil is beyond pretty, made with conflict-free diamonds. This shimmery golden oil can be applied all over. I enjoyed it during a photoshoot and the flecks added an angelic-aesthetic gleam. Mix it in with foundation and boom, radiant finish for hours! My skin loves the jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and rosehip oil in this jewel-cut bottle. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the bottle looks dashing on my vanity.

Manifest Bundle

Pink and violets are sooooo in. Big lashes are classic. Manifest Bundle is what dreams are made of. The MANIFEST Palette is made with amethyst powder that channels wisdom and creativity. I created so many looks, ranging from sparkling and glitz to a more subdue all-matte cat eye shape. Top with the Big Bang Mascara that is made with black diamonds (like how could I go back to normal mascara!?) and castor oil for healthy lashes. I can build up so many coats all without any smudging.

NOOD Eyelashes

When I’m craving drama and extra oomph NOOD eyelashes are my go-to. Woman-owned by the charming Astrid Unwalla (I had the privilege of sitting in on her webinar on the launch of the eyelash line), started with NOOD alternative bra products. Read my NOOD Game Changer review. Now I’ve fallen in love with these lashes. I’ve been using MUSE NO. 12 over and over and over (and over!). Their lashes are vegan, cruelty-free, and made from decomposable Korean bioPBS and cloud-soft cotton band.

Effortless Lash Bond

I apply with the Effortless Lash Tool and Effortless Lash Bond, which are made from clean ingredients and great for my sensitive-contact-wearing eyes. Mother Earth thinks NOOD is pretty sexy (I know I do).

Famous for its faux freckles, Freck Beauty has more than the sun-kissed summer-y spots. Here’s a crash course in their goodies!

Freck OG

A sprinkle of stars across one’s nose bridge or a celestial cluster on the cheeks, Freck OG is the first freckle maker. Simple to use and small enough to decorate your friends too. Tap teeny dots on the skin and quickly blot with your fingertips. Or for a more pronounced look, leave the initial dots on for a bit longer before tapping. A perfect addition to reminding yourself that warmer months are ahead!


For a blurry wash of color blush, try CHEEKSLIME. In five shades of blushing tones, this water-light formula is easy to play with and has a slight sheen dry-down. I’ve been experimenting with the shade Cuffed and effortlessly applying it with my fingers onto my cheeks and lips. Buildable for a more intense payoff, which is great for long days of running errands on the weekend!


More slime from Freck with SLIMELIGHT. This twinkling highlight is great for a less-is-more look. Or take it to a 10 by adding more and more, don’t worry it layers up beautifully. Over or under foundation or simply bare skin. I mixed it in with CHEEKSLIME for an even quicker application of both products when time is not on my side. Obsessed with SLIMELIGHT!


After a long day of playing in makeup and after cleansing, I spread on Foreclay mask. A massive tube will last for-ever. Which is lovely because the formula is bomb. Soothing yet balancing with kaolin clay, prickly pear seed oil, and kelp extract. After ten minutes I wash it off and my pores are shrunken like never before. I keep touching and admiring the pretty face looking back at me. All thanks to clean makeup and beauty!