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You may remember colored mascara from the 80s, or for me, my middle school days, but these days colored mascara has made a comeback in a huge way! Not only is colored mascara available in great shades and brands at your local pharmacy, but bigger brands, indie brands and everyone in between is taking notice and jumping on the bandwagon. These days you can find colors that may not be drastically noticeable on your lashes but make your eyes pop, or colored mascaras that get all the attention– pretty big fetes for such small tubes.

By Terry Mascara, Blackstar is an ultra volume and maxi-length formula that contains “keratin like” micro-extenders and a plumping-stretching lash effect. Sounds like every woman’s dream mascara, and even more so for me because it was my first time trying this brand and fun colors like Blue Denim and Purple Jean. Carnauba wax and Jojoba oil extend the lashes and plump them up, similar to lash extensions. The mascara not only elongates the lashes but it glosses them and acts as a revitalizing serum to reinforce and protect lashes from environmental stress. The mascara comes in an elegant gold tube and the tiny brush allows for even, easy application on the top and lower lashes. The blue color looks exactly like denim but when applied to the lashes, it just delivers a touch and catches the light, without being too obnoxiously blue. It will definitely make your eyes look well rested and like you got back from a great vacation, which in chilly February is much needed! Available at

The Vincent Longo C_scope collection of mascaras gives splashes a strong color that will without a doubt add a provocative new dimension to your personality and style. These mascaras bring a jolt of new life to your regular makeup routine, and the two colors I was lucky enough to try, Giallo (Yellow) and Bianco (White), were definitely eye-opening. The mascara is a no clump, waterproof formula that comes in see-through packaging to reveal the vivid dose of color your lashes will get. I chose white as it is thought to signal purity and newness, perfect for a new year. The white, while it may not be for everyone (or everyday use), gave my lashes a noticeable white tint, which would be ideal for a night or special occasion, just use sparingly.

The other color I tried was Yellow, as its known to be a daring, energetic color and I figured why not have a little fun. The yellow gave my lashes a perky tint that definitely caught my friends’ attention. So go ahead and spice up your lashes. C_Scopes are available in the following colors: Black, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Green and Brown at

You’ve probably seen the catchy commercials with Rihanna telling you to turn on the light in your eyes with a new CoverGirl Mascara. After seeing a few of those, I was interested in trying the new CoverGirl ExactEyelights Mascara out for myself. This mascara claims to make your eyes four times brighter while leaving lashes long, lush and clump-free. The four shades will ensure you get the right shade so your eyes get noticed. The dark base of black mascara defines lashes and heightens the contrast with the whites of the eyes. The metallic spheres act like mirrors to capture and reflect light, making your eyes absolutely radiant. The shade I tried was Black Ruby for green eyes and I loved how the mascara made my eyes stand out. It was also waterproof and lasted for hours without running or clumping. Now’s the time to go pick some up at mass-market retailers. For under $10, why don’t you get some for your friends too? Available in colors such as Black Sapphire, Black Pearl, Black Gold, Black Ruby.

Jewel tones have been in style for a while now with accessories, so now its time to get eyes up to speed. Blinc Mascara, the pioneer of the “tube technology” mascara, is the perfect mascara for any active woman and comes in unique colors such as dark blue, dark purple and dark green. Blinc forms tiny water resistant “tubes” around the lash, which amplifies their volume and length. These tubes amazingly bind to the lash and therefore don’t clump or run; they stay in place ALL day. I tried the green and purple shades and to my surprise, they were not overpowering at all; they merely gave my lashes a subtle hint of color and made my hazel eyes pop. To take Blinc mascara off, simply use some warm water and pull the “tubes” off your eyelashes (its not painful, trust me). Perfect for women who are too busy to reapply mascara throughout the day, or who want to avoid the dreaded “raccoon” look come 6PM.

Available in the an array of colors, such as Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Dark Green for $25,

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