Cruelty-Free Makeup for Eco-Glam Brides


Many of today’s young brides are real earth ambassadors. They care about the planet almost as much as they care about themselves. They recycle, they stay away from plastics, pesticides and petroleum like good citizens of the planet, and they take especially good care of animals. Naturally, they want their wedding day to reflect their “haute earth” values, and in particular, the desire to have a beauty that is natural, ethical and cruelty-free. If you are one of these forward thinking brides in search of the perfect beauty palette to match your deepest core values, here are three beauty collections that should satisfy your compassionate heart. We have tested them and asked experts to help us guide you for the best cruelty free wedding day looks.

Actress and Activist Lily Cole has given her name and face to the new cruelty-free, vegetarian line by the Body Shop. Two must haves for a bride to be “au naturel” is the Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer, a pearlescent makeup base that gives a flawless finish. It perfects your complexion with a shimmer extracted from mineral mica. The makeup contains no bug shell extract to color the product. All binding agents are made from natural vegetable materials instead of crushed fish scales like other brands. The Lily Cole Puff on Radiance is made of little beads that deliver shimmering color to cheeks and décolletage. The integrated cruelty-free puff is constructed from manmade fibers, not animal hair. The Shimmer Cubes contain four iridescent, crease-resistant eye shadows that blend easily and look tops. The Cheek Domes are easy to roll a little color throughout the day on the cheeks. The color blends lightly and evenly with your skin tone and foundation. The Lily Cole cruelty make up line is made of the finest ingredients suitable for any eco glam bride on the go. The line is available at all Body Shop locations. In New York, The Body Shop Store is located at 420 Lexington Avenue, 212 – 682 3502 and at

Another option is the Jane Iredale luxurious line of cruelty – free mineral make up that targets especially brides on their special day. My favorite picks are the Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara that contains algae extracts instead of water and sea minerals to nourish the lashes. Though the brush seems a bit dry at first, the lashes stay long, full and hydrated through the big day. The Jane Iredale Eye Pencil contains Shea Butter, Macadamia Seed Oil and vitamin E. I love it because it is creamy, easy to apply and creates a perfectly lined eye without smudge. The Jane Iredale Pure Pressed® Eye Shadow is crease-free, long-wearing mineral based pressed eye shadow. The highly-pigmented shadows blend easily and contain Pink Bark extract to protect the skin and prevent inflammation. Tricia Campbell, director of education at Jane Iredale, points out that the most visible element in wedding photography is the finish to the skin. She recommends brides to use The Jane Iredale Liquid Foundation “because it adds the right amount of hydration, evens out the skin tone and helps with creating the flawless finish needed for photography”. It is a light – reflecting mineral foundation that is an anti-aging serum at the same time. The beads or spheres in the airless pump are liposomes entrapping liposomes. This technology allows the liposomes to time release actives in the skin keeping the skin moist, dewy and youthful throughout the day. It comes in neutral, golden, bronze and darker shades. “Depending on the bride’s skin type, you will want more of a matte finish for the oilier skins and a radiant finish for a drier skin” she points out.

The line is available at

Another line we recommend to create a flawless bridal skin is the Repêchage luxurious brand based on sea extracted ingredients. It is cruelty free and totally natural. The Repêchage Biolight Brightening Miracle Mask is a unique product to create a glowing and even skin. It fights hyperpigmentation without using hydraquinone and mercury chloride, ingredients used in the past that have been linked to health issues. “It uses a natural, proprietary blend of Eco Cert Seaweed, Goto Kola, Willow Bark and Licorice extract to rapidly reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone while battling hyper-pigmentation due to the sun, acne scars and hormonal changes, all while enhancing cell renewal and reducing inflammation to reveal a soft glow” says Lydia Sarfati, Founder & CEO of Repêchage. After trying it, I agree that it is a masque like any other that you can use at home to create a radiant skin that would leave no bride in want. You can also experience the Repêchage mask in selected spas. Brides will also love the Repêchage Natural Finish, a truly featherweight, and silky, non – comedogenic powder. Natural seaweed sun filtration helps protect the skin. The Repêchage Lip Gloss contains Seaweeds along with shea Butter to provide deep moisturization, protection and long lasting color. The peach-vanilla scent is based on a real source.

The Repêchage line is available at

The beauty world has been turned upside down by a generation of women who request cruelty-free natural beauty. Options abound for brides also with new formulas that blend the frontiers between beauty and healing. Also don’t forget on your big day to find out what type of flash the photographer will be using recommends Tricia Campbell. “With the new digital and high definition cameras, it’s important. Will they be shooting in Black and White or Sepia? You might need a little more bronzer on the skin if they are using a white flash. Black and white photos need more highlighting and contouring. Sepia adds a lot of warmth to the skin, so be careful not to add too much yellow to the skin.” Armed with the best cruelty-free beauty lines on the market and the recommendations of this expert dermatologist you can walk down the aisle looking radiant inspired by nature‘s deep resources without compromising with who you are.

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