Defining Lines – Eyeliners that get you through thick and thin


A girl always has to have her essentials on hand. A credit card for all those more than necessary Starbucks purchases, a set of keys to get into (hopefully) your apartment, chapstick because damn it it’s cold outside, and last but not least a worthy eyeliner you can depend on from dawn to dusk.

Eyeliner not only defines your entire look, but can fake it as well. Didn’t sleep last night? A few dots of concealer under your eyes and well applied eyeliner is more than a tool, but a survival skill. To start off apply a highlighter at the inner corners of your eyes to give you that “no I didn’t just chug a latte in the elevator and slap myself in the face to get ready for this meeting” glow. For the perfect shade check out Three Custom Color Specialists Clarifier in light or medium depending on your skin tone. Hell, you can even use it as a concealer and call it a day. Or two for that matter. (Sleep is for the weak and sane.)

Now that you have your highlighter and concealer out of the way you can decide what type of eyeliner best suits you. The following are excellent choices for each category.

“Color me thrilled! Or in this case, stoic.”

Color – Spice up your life, or at least your makeup palette

Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or want to punch up an otherwise drab work ensemble, the right colored eyeliners can truly make all the difference. Brown eyes work rather well with purple, green gold or blue shades. I highly suggest Black Up Le Kohl Smokey Waterproof pencils for a vibrant, perfectly engineered and smooth line that isn’t going anywhere. For green eyes, purple and blue also provide a fetching look and BH Cosmetics eye crayons are great for defining and then smudging to create a lovely smoky eye. Blue eyes work well with bronze shades and Susan Posnick’s ColorEyeDefine comes with a bronze eyeliner and copper shadow on the same applicator for a fun two-in-one that cuts down on clutter. Hazel eyes can wear the same colors as brown and green eyes (well that makes sense…) so you should take advantage of that flexibility with Iman Luxury Liquid Eyeliners complete with glitter to really steal the spotlight.

“Simple yet elegant. Also impossible to screw up.”


Regardless of eye color, black, brown and navy eye pencils will never fail you. And considering the amount we put up with during our day, that counts for a lot. Prestige Cosmetics eyeliner pencils are always fail proof and for soft black eyeliners that work anytime, anywhere look no further than Anne Marie Borland.

“Questionable hood, great eyeliner.”


Do you have great hand eye coordination? Do you want an eyeliner you won’t have to touch up all day? Then try the luxe liner option by Yves Rocher – it’s golden hue is sure to please. For a thin, black line that will fare well from your morning meeting to much needed nightcap, Pink Papaya is here for the rescue and ready to work overtime. For a weekend getaway you need a failproof, slim liquid liner and this is where Merle Norman Pro Pen Eyeliner comes in. It’s beautifully, entirely hassle free. For an eyeliner that actually conditions eyelashes with extended use try EnvyDerm Black Liquid Liner on for size. It seriously conditions and moisturizes lashes for a great look that also benefits you in the long term.

“”Sultry” apparently means you don’t have to smile.”


Powder eyeliner can be tricky, but with the right brands it creates an exquisite smoky look that can’t be beat. Jane Iredale Mystikol makes it easy with an eyeliner and highlighter attached in one for that desired, sultry effect. Manic Panic is a fun crème eyeshadow and liner for two desired looks in one simple box.

But now that you have all these cool eyeliners, what do you do with all of them? Let them roll around in the nether regions of your purse, never to be seen again? Never fear, SnapNEasy holds up to 8 eyeliners or lip pencils in one so you’re never traveling solo.

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