Designated Designory

From makeup schools to makeup counters, Make-up Designory is a name you might soon be familiar with if not already. Founded in Los Angeles as a post secondary institution providing education in fashion film, hair styling, portfolio development, special effects, and character make-up, Make-up Designory, or MUD, has expanded into a New York campus and a cosmetics line within the last couple of years.

The school provides aspiring artists with the opportunity to earn certificates and diplomas through individual classes and multi-subject programs respectively. The L.A. campus churns out approximately 1,000 students a year, while the NY campus turns out approximately 700. All courses are taught by state certified instructors with professional experience. To assist turning education into a career, MUD offers a Career Services Center and holds a Q&A series called “The Make-up Room” featuring prominent artists in the entertainment industry, like David Deleon, who has worked on the sets of Memoirs of a Geisha and Pirates of the Caribbean.

A Make-up Designory Student at Work

Attached to each school is a MUDShop where you can purchase products from Make-up Designory’s full line of color cosmetics. Everyone that works in the store has at least completed the MUD beauty class and, as a courtesy, will help you with services like color matching foundation or application tips. Before the high-quality products hit counters, it goes through a meticulous production cycle including real world testing by MUD students, graduates and instructors to acquire the best possible product for consumers. And because of its professional quality, it’s mostly used by make-up artists, but is still easy to use for the average you and me.

Yvonne Hawker, Creative Director at MUD, told Beauty News about some of MUD’s stand-out products. She suggests mixing the pigment-rich Eyeshadows to create even more colors. You can also use them wet for “more of a punch,” noted Hawker. Another BN pick is the Deep Brown Corrector, great for darker skin tones, which can also be used as a cheek color. For those of you blessed with already long, luscious lashes, opt for the Cake Mascara that only colors the lashes and eliminates chances of looking messy from volumizing or lengthening mascaras. Hawker suggests applying mascara to the top and bottom to the lashes for a more even application. And coming from an institution based on education and “a makeup line made by make-up artists, for make-up artists that are also educators,” I’m going to take note.

Visit to find out more about school or to purchase MUD products at the online MUDShop.

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