Dior and the City

In one of the last episodes of “Sex and the City,” Carrie flies head first onto the stark white floor of none other than the Christian Dior store in Paris. Her entrance was indeed dramatic but none-the-less quite appropriate when considering the bold yet sophisticated choices that Christian Dior makes time and time again in its timeless collections of clothing, accessories, and in this case, makeup. This Spring, Christian Dior is introducing us to a full line of new products, straight from the runway to the finest New York City department stores. Included in Dior’s famous and functional makeup line is none other than the 5-Colour Eyeshadow compact. Ten different compacts are available, and each feature a versatile combination of shades appropriate for any time of day or night.

These classic five pan shadows are made from a very old formula that was ahead of its time when initially launched. Instead of the more commonly used talc, Dior specializes in incorporating “sericitia,” a silk protein. The sericitia is treated on its surface with a metallic-type soap. This increases the affinity of the powder to the eyelid. Another novelty surrounding the 5-pan is the use of nylon as a texturizing agent. Softness along with cohesion is what makes this eyeshadow formula so unique, and its novelty has allowed this formula to withstand the test of time.

The design of the five pans allows virtually anyone to apply the colors easily and without error. Each palette is a combination of shadows, highlighters, and color-effects that let you create an almost endless number of looks. The two double-sided applicators included help you draw, accent, soften and shade like the professionals. The designers at Dior have placed the pans in a three-shade lineup with one working horizontally and the other vertically. Both lines contain a shadow, a highlighter, and a color effect. You can even blend colors to create the perfect look for any occasion. Included in the ten combinations are the trendy “Blue Denim,” the funky “Clubbing,” the sophisticated and smoky “Grey VIP,” and a sultry “Mauve Chic.” Like an artist with her palette, you can mix and match the long-lasting colors subtly or intensely, depending on your own personal style. Obviously, you can have a ton of fun owning all ten, but you can definitely feel confident carrying just one 5-colour compact and know full well you’ll look fabulous throughout all of New York City.

Coming this Spring is Fancy Dior’s Star product inspired by the new “Dior Hardcore” accessory collection. This palette contains six light and creamy iridescent shades for eyes, cheeks, and lips arranged in a floral pattern as seen in Dior’s Spring 2004 Ready to Wear.

This Summer, look out for Ultimeyes Lash-extender Mascara. The exclusive lash extending ingredients help lashes become longer and more resilient while the Bio-extender Technology optimizes the coverage and creates a “stretch” effect.

Although we’ve seen the last episode of “Sex and the City,” Carrie Bradshaw will still inspire us all to take risks and dive head first into the stylish world of fashion and beauty. Hopefully, we’ll not land on our faces at Christian Dior but rather walk out of the store with bags full of their wonderful products and with our beautiful faces held high for all of the world to see.

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