Dirty Girls Give Good Help


Virgin or Slut? Pick one. It’s not hard. Relax people! It’s lip balm. Blue Q is a company you probably aren’t aware that you already know about. Make sense? Read on. They are the creators of everything “Dirty Girl”, “Queen”, and “Total Bitch”, just to name a few. Originated by brothers Seth and Mitch Nash in Boston 18 years ago, Blue Q has grown from their cardboard cutout of a cat, “Flat Cat – The Perfect Pet”, to include beauty, personal care, paper, magnets, and more. So we know they’re witty, but who knew how thoughtful they were?

The Giving Committee is a small volunteer group that consists of Blue Q’s administrative personnel and warehouse workers, as well as the Nash brothers, that meet once a month. Trevor Ward is the Committee Chair, “Requests were coming in for gifts of product and monetary donations and it was all coming out of the year end bonus pool and 401K plan. It was decided this should be a decision the employees make, not just Seth and Mitch alone, since it’s taking away from the employee’s paychecks.”

Receiving 40-50 requests per month is a little overwhelming so Trevor looks up the charities on sites like [url=http://www.philanthropy.com]www.philanthropy.com[/url] and [url=http://www.charitywatch.org]www.charitywatch.org[/url] to see what percentage of funds go to administrative fees vs. benefiting the actual cause. Local charities also get preference over national. “Seth and Mitch grew up in Pittsfield, MA and if it’s local it definitely gets attention. We feel we can make more of a difference to smaller venues.” Which is why you won’t see any “Boys Suck, Throw Rocks at Them” paraphernalia in celebrity goodie bags. They’d rather send products over to “Race for the Cure” or local chapters for Breast Cancer Awareness. “We don’t have a lot to give and we want it to count.”

Their community outreach is substantial. Blue Q provides a local scholarship fund so local seniors can go to college. They’re also the largest employer in Western Massachusetts of adults with cerebral palsy and actively sponsor the Berkshire County Association of Retarded Citizens.

On a smaller scale the “Meltdown Retreat” is a day of spa treatments a woman gives to her local nurses and neonatal care workers out of her home. Blue Q donates product for them to take home with them. Then there’s the former Miss Hawaii who sponsors the seasonal “Queen for a Day” tea party for young girls in cancer wards who all take home “Queen” lip balm. The every popular “Dirty Girl” line gets the most requests.

For all their racy product names, these guys are really softies underneath. With Seth and Mitch serving as “inspirational leaders by example” the company is full of friendly, thoughtful people. And no matter what you may be, “good girl or bad” they’ll help you “Wash Away Your Sins”!

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