The Easiest Holiday Beauty Gift Guide Ever Assembled


Stop fretting over shopping for the lady in your life who loves makeup and would be happy with anything, including an impersonal yet efficient gift card, from Sephora or Ulta or from the Nordstrom makeup counter. Put a little thought into her gift and don’t do anything other than consult this easy, breezy holiday beauty gift guide.

These holiday beauty gifts are something than any level of makeup lover, from novice to Olympian, will cherish! As always, you are welcome, since we did all the heavy (and pretty) lifting for you.

IT Cosmetics Experience Velvet Luxe 5-Piece Face & Eye Brush Set: The handles are soft, matte, and feel divine in the hand. The bristles feel the same when swept over the face. The luxury of the brushes adds opulence to the morning routine. She can have the best, priciest products on the planet. That means nothing without the proper tools. So get her this gorgeous, sleek kit and be prepared for copious “Thank yous!”

Boots No. 7 Instant Glamour Kit: This all-in-one set has all she needs for a quick smoky eye and a megawatt, glossed lip. We’re talking eyeliner, a brush, two shadows, a blush, a gloss, and a mascara. It also comes with an application guide, too. It’s perfect for girls on the go, travelers, and makeup noobs.

Lipstick Queen Ice Queen Story Kit: It’s two lipsticks encased in a decorative, keepsake book. That’s the miracle of packaging! She can wear the Ice Queen lipstick a la carte for winter kiss lips. Or she can use it atop the accompanying Wine Sinner lipstick for the prettiest pout in town.

mark. Dream Sequins Shimmering Eye Shadow Palette: Oh, the richly pigmented kit of many colors! There are sparkly jewel tones paired with neutrals. With 15 shades, there are endless color combos. If you are a co-ed or a parent of a co-ed or a sibling of a co-ed, she will love this palette. While the colors are shimmery and young, women of any age can rock them. (Yes, those are my new studded Vans sneakers in the mirror! I was playing photog.)


Zoeva En Taupe Palette: This palette hosts 10 neutral shadows in shimmer and matte textures. They were all inspired by fabric! It’s certainly an option for makeup minimalists or professionals who want a polished, classic, and non-trendy look for the office. Besides, taupe is the new black! There’s also a matching brush set because of course there is. It’s all shadow brushes, which increases the color and look possibilities of the shadows, since the best eye shadow looks rely on how and with which brush you apply the products.

Kiko Milano Champagne + Strawberries Angel Kiss Set: “Chapped lips are awesome,” said no one… EVER! With three months of winter on the horizon, this kit, which features the Velvet Lips Lip Scrub, comprised of delish sugar crystals, and the sheer wash of juicy color provided by the accompanying Kiss Balm, is pretty much necessary to keep her kisser in tip-top shape. I recommend that boyfriends get this for their lady loves. You are the one who will be kissing her lips and isn’t it awesome when her pout is velvety soft?

Smith & Cult Kit 2 Nailed Lacquer: Smith & Cult, launched by Hard Candy founder Dineh Mohajer, is one of my fave new brands next to Glossier. It’s all about the nail polish and lip glosses with this brand and the shades in this 5-free nail polish kit deserve to be on her fingers and toes all year long! Bitter Buddhist (a minty and matte grey x green), Fauntleroy (opaque, pinkish lavender), and Kings & Thieves (midnight, denim blue) are chip-resistant, shiny, and so on trend. Another thing she’ll adore about this brand? The dented and dinged caps. Packaging is important, yo!

Armour Beauty Lip Gloss: I’ve been a super fan of Armour Beauty, a lip gloss line, for what feels like ages. From the non-sticky but long-lasting formula to the vanilla x grapefruit scent, these are perfect for the beauty who needs a gloss that lasts and lasts. Why not grab a pair for the gloss lover in your life? She needs her lip “Armour” in Nirvana, a sparkly sheer pink, or Candy, an opaque mauve that looks super shiny and moda and is much less concentrated on the lip than in the tube. It’s like a lipstick for a gloss addict.

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