Effortless Downtown Beauty With Charlotte Ronson: Exclusive Interview


Designer Charlotte Ronson is launching Charlotte Ronson Beauty at Sephora this month and the collection is to-die-for. Yes, we’ve seen it, sampled it, played with it, “oohed and ahhed” over it and the verdict is in: We love the line and its flirty, femme offerings. Ah, the perks of beauty editorship!

Charlotte Ronson Beauty embodies the effortless downtown NYC aesthetic that Ronson is known for. Ronson has applied her fashion savvy and chic to the products in seamless fashion. The packaging is girlish and fashion-forward (matte black cases with cute touches, flourishes and artwork, like drawn on lace or a pencil sketched model) and the products (namely the eye shadow palettes and lip glosses) are as luxe as it gets. Ronson says she adopted a “less is more” approach when creating this line so that women could look gorgeous without a rigid, too-many-steps routine. How’s that for taking the intimidation factor out of makeup?

What else makes Charlotte Ronson Beauty special? Well, the products were formulated with Light Filter Technology™ to diffuse and filter light. So the products have their own built in “personal lighting guy,” just like any movie set or photo shoot. Fab, we know! Your skin will radiate and look flawless no matter what the lighting concept!

Ronson’s celeb friends -Nicole Richie, twin sister Samantha Ronson- served as muses and collaborators for the Charlotte Ronson Beauty.

BeautyNewsNYC.com Beauty Editor Amy Sciarretto nabbed some time with Ronson to talk about her muses, her approach to the line and we also polled Sephora makeup artist Gilbert Soliz for tips on using these products, so you’ll want to rush over to Sephora this month, stock up and try Soliz’s tricks and techniques at home or in front of the mirrors at Sephora!

BN: We love that you named your glosses after ladies in your life! Did they have any input at all? How did they feel about being immortalized in a lip gloss? Amazing, I am sure!
CR: The collection was created with my friends and family in mind – each product was inspired by their unique style and beauty. When I was working on the Closer Finishing Powder, I immediately thought about how perfect Rashida’s (Jones) skin was, and when I was working with the A Perfect Mess Beach Hair – Ann, I kept thinking how my mother instilled in me a sort of ‘Less is more’ approach to style and my inspiration grew from there. My friend Nicole Richie always has a natural, sunny glow, so I was inspired to create All Eye Need Eyeshadow Quad – Nicole that would highlight that, while I thought about how much my sister Annabelle would love a certain shade for A Perfect Kiss Lip Gloss – Annabelle. So it was more about drawing from them then asking them directly.

BN: What is your go-to product that you did not create? What is your go to product that you did create that is part of this collection?
CR: I love being out in the sun, so sunscreen is one of my go-tos. Hampton Sun SPF 15 Super Hydrating Face Cream is one of my favorites; it’s very hydrating without feeling heavy or greasy. I also like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 for a bit of protection and coverage. As far as my own line, my go-tos are: A Perfect Mess Beach Hair – Ann; A Perfect Kiss Lip Gloss – in all shades, depending on my look; All Eye Need Eyeshadow Quad in Nicole; the 3 X A Charm Luminizer, Blush, Bronzer in Shoshanna, and the Closer Finishing Powder in Rashida.

BN: We love the eye shadow palettes – from the design and packaging to the rich pigments and color payoff! Henrietta, which is more matte neutrals, was a fave! How much input did you have into these elements?
CR: Sephora has been a fantastic partner with a great team who understood my aesthetic. They introduced the best formulas for the kind of products that I was interested in creating, and guided me through the process of choosing wearable formulas to go with on-trend colors. It was a total collaboration from inception to execution and since I’m more of a “no-makeup makeup” kind of person, the experience
has been incredibly educational.

BN: The camo makeup bag is amazing, as well. It seems like a no brainer for your design that, given your background. Will you expand to include more items like this in the future, given your designer background?
CR: One of the things I love about beauty and makeup products is the packaging and accessories that come with a collection, so it’s possible!

BN: What is your personal makeup philosophy?
CR: I’ve always believed that ‘Less is more’ and I take that approach in my designs and my beauty routine. I always go for a simple, sun kissed glow.

As if picking Ronson’s beautiful and stylish brain wasn’t enough, Sephora PRO Lead Artist Gilbert Soliz offered tips on how to most effectively use the Charlotte Ronson Beauty range, taking all the guess work out of this new line.

BN: Can you provide 2-3 tips on using the products, specifically the All Eye Need Eyeshadow Quads, and working with their rich pigments?
GS: The Charlotte Ronson All Eye Need Eye Shadow Palettes are the perfect products to create a multitude of looks to take you from day to night! Comprised of four harmonious colors, each of these palettes can create a natural or dramatic look to complement any skin tone thanks to the exclusive Light Filter Technology which automatically adjusts pigments based on your lighting.

These shadows can be applied either wet or dry by using a soft-tip brush like the Sephora I.T. Blending Brush, which will help blend these rich, crease-resistant, buildable colors into your desired effect.

To create a traditional smoky eye, try the Charlotte Ronson All Eye Need Eye Shadow Palette – Drea with naturals and greys, or for an updated take on this favorite eye look, try the Charlotte Ronson All Eye Need Eye Shadow Palette – Dani which features a beautiful range of purples to add an unexpected pop of color. [Editor’s Note: We tried Dani, too, and fell immediately love.]

BN: What products would you suggest for someone who wants a low maintenance routine? How can you get the most out of using only a few products?
GS: The best advice for anyone who wants to a low maintenance beauty routine with only a few products in their regimen is to invest in some quality palettes! The Charlotte Ronson 3 X A Charm Luminizer, Blush, Bronzer in Shoshana is a three-in-oneface product that offers a complete wardrobe for your cheeks! You can mix and match these colors to transition your skin from season to season and highlight your features accordingly. Best of all, this product is made with silky powders that glide onto the skin smoothly and are infused with moisturizers and vitamins too so you not only get color, but skincare benefits!

Similarly, the Charlotte Ronson All Eye Need Eye Shadow Palettes will provide you with multiple colors that work well worn alone or together to create multiple looks with just one product!

BN: What is your favorite product in this range and why?
GS: The Charlotte Ronson A Perfect Mess Beach Hair is one of my standout products. This styling spray helps you achieve Charlotte’s signature (and much-desired!) beautifully tousled hair that is the ultimate finishing touch to any effortlessly-chic look. I love that it can be applied to both wet and moist hair to deliver bounce and shine…plus it smells like the perfect summer beach day!

BN: Does one product pair particularly well with something else at Sephora?
GS: The Charlotte Ronson Closer Finishing Powder is any beauty girl’s secret weapon that will work well with any product from any brand. This finishing powder can be applied post-blush or bronzer to set the makeup in place for the day or can be used alone on top of your moisturizer to create a smooth, no-makeup look. Its available in one translucent shade so it will always work with you, your complexion and your beauty routine.

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