NYC-based make up artist Elisa Flowers, who works with British pop star KT Tunstall, is a true artist. Not only does Flowers create make up looks for magazine shoots, fashion editorials, and advertisements, but she also paints and teaches yoga! Flowers, who relocated to NYC from her native Dallas over 8 years ago, took some time out of her hectic schedule to chat with us about how her fine art and make up worlds are connected, her favorite Fall looks, and what products she is most thankful for.

BN: Why did you become a make up artist?
When I was in art school, I had to figure out a way to pay for it. I worked with Chanel and Lancome, and then for production companies, to pay for art school. I do figurative oil paintings. It’s my first love.

BN: Since you are also a fine artist, how does being a make up artist help to keep you creatively and artistically satisfied?
EF: A lot of make up artists are artists. A professor once said to me that artists make the most decisions per second out of any profession that there is. In order to be a good make up artist, you have to look at someone, and work to bring out their best features.

If you’re not doing make up correctly, you can make someone look horrible and that’s not why we get paid. We know how to make someone look amazing! Honestly, there is so much transformation that goes into what you are doing. Making someone look good for camera is different than making someone look good for real life. It can be a healing thing, too, since people enjoy getting their make up done.

BN: Walk us through a day in the life of Elisa the make up artist.
If it’s a photo shoot day, you usually have to be there at 6 AM, or maybe 9 AM, if you’re lucky, and you work all day. If it’s a fashion shoot, it’s usually a 12-hour day, if it’s a 10-page fashion story. If it’s an advertising shoot, it’s a 6 or 8 AM call, and I am there till 5 or 6 in the evening. Then I try to go to yoga classes. I teach yoga on the side, which is fun.

BN: Wow, you are indeed a busy girl! What’s your favorite look for the Fall and Winter seasons?
EF: I definitely love a nude lip and a really smoky eye. Lots and lots of mascara…I love it.

BN: Since it’s the Thanksgiving season, what are some products you’re most thankful for?
EF: Definitely concealer. How could I live without it? Mascara, for sure, as well. And lip gloss. You gotta have your lip gloss. Tinted moisturizer, too. I love MAC. MAC is my sponsor. I get stuff before it comes out.

BN: What make up mistake do you see on a woman on the street that makes want to grab make up remover, and help her start over?
EF: I don’t like it when women wear way too much lip gloss, where their lips look like patent leather, like they are in a music video. The thing I see in New York a lot is that women don’t wear enough make up during the day. Sometimes a little blush and mascara can make an attractive woman look even better! Some women don’t know how to do make up, so that may be why they aren’t wearing as much during the day, but I think women should wear more. I suggest that women take a little more time in the morning to boost it up a notch. But, New York sure has a lot of beautiful women!

Check Elisa’s work out at http://www.ba-reps.com

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