Eliza: Your Arch Ally


Tucked away in the rose-colored marbled elegance of the Trump Tower’s Avon Salon is one of the best kept secrets for major events: Eliza, Queen of the Arch. Whether preparing for your wedding day or simply seeking to look incredible, Eliza can add a certain luster and polish that only perfect brows transmit. She has elevated the shaping of brows to an art form, and knows almost as many tricks as Houdini.

Labeled the foremost expert on eyebrow shaping, Eliza says, “If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the frame.”

Eliza’s celebrity and model client roster is extensive, as is the list of beauty magazines and television shows that have featured her. A brow traditionalist, Eliza believes that a well-manicured, classic look stands the test of time: not too thin and not too thick is a good rule of thumb. Over-tweezing creates an unfinished look, while bushy brows convey an unkempt appearance. Eyebrows arched too high can result in an odd, perpetually surprised expression and, as a rule, the longer the brow the better. Avoid tweezing the top of the brow (a professional should wax this area), and never tweeze the hairs at the end of the eyebrow.

Eliza’s Essentials Kit is a lifesaver when there just isn’t time to see a professional. The kit it self is both beautiful and functional. Made from black leather with a purple interior, this soft, portable kit, available in blond and brunette, contains a mirror, pencil sharpener, curved scissors, a dual brow brush, a pair of slanted tweezers, a pair of pointed tweezers, a chunky brow filler and a clear gel brow shaper to set the brows.

Eliza’s magic is summed up perfectly by E! Entertainment host Leon Hall who said, “I gave her ten minutes, Eliza gave me back ten years.”

Don’t neglect your brows on your wedding day, or any other day! Eliza’s Eyes is located in the Trump Tower at 30 East 76th Street, New York NY. Call 212-757-0702 or visit http://www.elizaseyes.com/ for more information, appointments, or to order an Eliza brow kit for home ($68, or each item as needed priced individually).

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