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Estée Lauder introduced a new professional line of makeup brushes to bring out the makeup artist in all of us. With the sweep of a brush, a makeup application can now effortlessly change an amateur to a seamless professional. Estée Lauder’s Pro Line Expert Makeup Brushes are designed for the everyday user and include fourteen quality brushes with tools to create maximum application precision. These portable pro-brushes have sleeker handles than most and feature luxurious brush fibers for a softer touch. Paul Starr, director of the Estée Lauder National Makeup Artist Team, says “A great set of brushes can take a woman from a makeup novice to a virtual makeup artist. Imagine being able to create the look of the fashion runways – who doesn’t love a sexy smoky eye? – with the sweep of a brush…Now you can.”

Here’s a run down on the brushes in the Pro Line set:

Foundation Brush – Flexible head and finely tapered bristles allow blending into skin to help create a truly natural look. Paul Starr tip: Use a foundation brush to blend in your crème blush for a longer-lasting look. ($30) Blush Brush – The wide-domed shape of the brush’s head deposits just the right amount of color where you need it for a natural glow. A custom blend of natural fibers ensures the perfect ratio of softness to control. ($30)

Powder Blush – This powder brush lightly distributes powder over the face, setting makeup and readying the skin for color application. The tapered shape of the tip allows for use under the eyes as well as around the nose and jaw line, and a delicate blend of natural fibers guarantees softness. ($40)

Concealer Brush – This brush is used to apply concealer in places where fingers may get in the way – like around the nose – or in your skin’s trouble spots that might need some extra coverage. ($20)

Bronzer Brush – The unique flat surface of this bronzer brush renders your “tan” natural every time you brush it on. The perfect complement to the Amber Bronze Bronzing Powders, the mix of natural and synthetic fibers allows for minimal product pickup and accurate application so that skin appears naturally sun-kissed and radiant. ($35)

Finishing Brush – This brush is primarily used at the end of makeup application, (Paul Starr’s favorite of the pick) flicks away any excess product that has landed on your skin during application, blends your whole look together seamlessly and can even be used to apply a sheer layer of color. Truly a multi-tasker. ($20)

Eyeliner Brush – A brush for those who are not adept with liquid liner. Lines can be made defined and exact or wide and smoky, depending on your makeup mood. ($20)

Base/Contour Brush – The perfect all-purpose eyeshadow brush, the Base/Contour Brush perfectly contours lids, lashline and crease. Use it to cover lids and help reach the narrow inner and outer corners of the eye. ($22)

Large Eyeshadow Brush – Use this brush to apply your base eyeshadow shade from lash line to brows. This is a quick and easy way to cover the entire eye lid with a base shade and even out tone and texture of the lid for color application. ($25)

Small Eyeshadow Brush – Ideal for applying shadow to the lower lid and from lash line to crease, the Small Eyeshadow Brush makes application simple and virtually mistake-proof. Try it also as a highlighting brush to shade under the brows. ($18.50)

Eyeshadow Blending Brush – This long tapered brush is ideal for applying a contour shade to the crease of the eye. The incredible softness of the brush provides optimum blendability. ($25)

Brow Brush – The Brow Brush’s angled head expertly shapes and defines brows while the stiff bristles comb brow hairs into place with or without gel. ($20)

Lip Brush – With a convenient safety top, the Lip Brush travels easily and allows for the perfect application of all your favorite lip formulas. ($18.50)

Face and Body Brush – The Face and Body Brush is short-handled with a big, fluffy head of natural bristles. Use it to apply loose face powder or body powders. ($35) Custom Powder Puff – Pick up the right amount of powder every time for a soft, velvety finish ($12.50).

Pencil Sharpener – A sleek and modern design proves function is beautiful; a double barrel fits both standard and jumbo pencils. ($5)

Makeup Brush Cleanser – A gentle, once-a-month cleanser to keep your brushes clean and fresh. ($15)

Pro Line Expert Makeup Brushes are available at select Estée Lauder specialty stores and on, and will then available nationwide in February 2005.

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