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What better way to get real life tips about makeup than by peering into the makeup bag of an actual makeup artist? Deepa Arora Das let it all spill out this month. Here’s what she had to say:

As a certified makeup artist, my make up bag over flows into a box…and the box keeps getting bigger and bigger. I love trying new products and using different seasonal colors. However, I do have my top 10 absolute favorite makeup products that are must haves for me and that I often recommend to my clients.

Starting from the eyes and working my way down:

MAC Fluidline Gel Eye Liner: I love the soft and smooth texture of this liner. With the help of a skinny brush this liner gives me the perfect line at the top of my lids. It lasts all day, but allows for easy removal if the line is less than perfect. It’s also a great way to start a smoky eye.

Styli-Style Line and Seal 24 Pencil Eye Liner: When I discovered this eyeliner at a local drug store, I told every one of my friends about it. This is the best pencil eyeliner I have ever used! I use it to line under my lower lids. Once this pencil liner is on it doesn’t run, smudge, or budge. It is on until you take it off. It also comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

Dior Show Mascara: What makes me love this mascara is the huge thick brush. It grabs every single one of my lashes and adds a dark glamour to my eyes.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer: Putting on eye shadow is my favorite part when doing makeup. But what is the point of working so hard on the shadow if it isn’t going to last? That is why I can’t live without this eye shadow primer. It’s a neutral base that grips onto the shadow making it last all day without creases or smudges. You can even use this without shadow for a natural glowing lid. I recommend the color “Sin.”

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler: I am sure you have heard this is the best eyelash curler out there, well it’s true, it is. It’s easy to handle and makes a beautiful curl. The mini curler is also great for quick touch ups or shorter lashes.

MAC Blot Powder: Not only is this item a must have, I must have at least three of them on me at all times. One for home, one for my purse and one for the office. This blot powder is the best way to freshen up your look. The powder smoothes out your skin tone and takes away shine without making your face look cakey. I always tell my brides to use a bit of this just before they walk down the aisle. It is best applied with a powder brush.

Mary Kay Satin Lip Mask: This mask is the most effective way to get rid of dry flaky lips in two minutes. Treating yourself to this quick mask will help your lip products go on nicer and last longer.

MAC Lip Pencil in Strip Down: This lip pencil is the most universal color and looks good on every ones lips. I wear it alone for a basic look, mixed with gloss for shine, and under lipstick for longevity. It’s a great color that adds life to any other colors or products you use with it.

MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew: This is the sexiest nude lipstick available. I have been wearing it for years and it is a great day to evening lipstick. It goes with every color and although subtle it adds allure to your face. It also goes well with the lip liner above.

Temptu Pro Silicone Based Foundation: Of course before any of the above products can work their magic, you need to start out with a good foundation. The Temptu SB (silicone based) Foundation is the best way to start your look. It is actually a foundation meant to be used in an airbrush, but I apply it with a regular brush. MAC’s #187 brush works very well with it. This foundation gives complete coverage, is light on your face, lasts all day, and photographs beautifully.

I will continue to get bigger boxes as I try new products, but these top ten products have been my favorites for years when it comes to bringing my best face forward.

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Ratika Hansen

Wow, what a great list! I love the descriptions you gave for the products AND even more, the added tips that aren’t on the packages! Thanks so much — I think I will print this and go shopping!!

Kiran Mala Bardis
Kiran Mala Bardis

Can’t wait to try some of these. Make-up is one of the most fun things about being a woman…it’s fun to recreate yourself and play w/different looks to suit your mood. Thanks for the comprehensive list of great tools + great products!

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