Fall Forward With Dark Manicures


Forget the rules. Wear white after Labor Day. Wear boots in the summer. Mix prints. Be a rogue fashion renegade, an iconoclast if you dare.

Okay, so maybe you aren’t quite ready to make these leaps and don’t want to don white in late September and if combining plaids and polka dots is a thought that makes you cringe, then take it down a notch and start your Fall beauty routine a month early!

Fall forward by painting your nails in darker hues in August. And I don’t mean go dark for your pedicures. I always rely on my toes as the place to try daring, darker shades, but I’m breaking routine and travelling outside of my comfort zone and darkening my nails every week during every week of the hottest month of the summer. I tend to void dark lacquer since they are incredibly unforgiving when it comes to chips and blemishes; they show up immediately and a manicure looks much shabbier and rattier when dark polish flakes off or if chunks are missing. Despite that rather minor annoyance, I am going to go bold! You only live once and you probably get a mani once-a-week, so try something new! Who’s with me? Hopefully, you are.

Get ahead start with Borghese’s new 2010 shades: Biscotto Beige, Mezzanotte Blue, Bella Berry, Plumaggio Plum and Stellare Notte. The marketing geniuses at the Borghese Headquarters aptly named the shades; they are what they sound like. While Biscotto Beige is a light neutral, it’s a cappuccino-colored neutral that suits warm and cool weather, so that’s one I will save for October. Other than that, the rich berries and navies are exactly what I want to glaze my nails with! Bella Berry sparkles with shimmery specks, while the matte Mezzanotte Blue allows you to channel your inner goth, even if for a single mani cycle. Remember, it all comes off in a week with a little polish remover at your local salon. No permanence, no commitment! The iridescence of Stellare Notte is suitable for all skin tones, while Plumaggio Plum is a matte similar to OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark if you want to try something similar yet new.

Some simple tips to remember when rocking a dark mani: make sure your cuticles are neat and trimmed and nails look best when filed in a square shape for darker hues. Always take care of your cuticles, and remember: NEVER BITE YOUR NAILS!

Available at http://www.ultra.com

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