Falling in Love With Lipstick All Over Again


Lipstick can make or break your look. It’s one of the easiest ways to instantly transform an otherwise bland outfit into an elevated style statement, and fall is the perfect time to experiment with lip color. You have the benefit of not having to deal with intense heat or cold that makes it feel like your lipstick is either melting off your face or flaking on your chapped lips. Now that you have that beautiful image in your head, let’s explore when and where it’s appropriate to play with bold, matte color or shine.

An adequate first date look

Balancing your makeup with your outfit is crucial on a first date, or hell even on your 22nd outing with a gentleman! You want your partner to focus on you rather than, say, your bedazzled jean jacket and Barbie pink lipstick. I personally like to keep things simple, sophisticated and easy with a dark navy or black ensemble paired with killer jewelry, heels and a bold, crimson lip.

I highly suggest Bite’s lip pencil in Tanin for a knockout red, or Melanie Mills’Up Against The Wall’ and ‘Cabaret’ by VMV Hypoallergenics for a deep red stain. If you want to go the conventional lipstick route pick up Monroe by Jemma Kidd — and for lasting power apply Bite’s ‘Line and Define Lip Primer’ before any of your color choices. You want to avoid the majority of your lipstick ending up on the rim of your wine glass or achieving ‘The Joker’ look. Rest in peace Heath Ledger.

This is her alluring “I can’t wait to pick up some frozen yogurt and a handle of gin for one” look

So you’re bopping about the city, running errands and “bumping into” your ex. (cough Foursquare cough) You want to look cute, but not overdone. Love Story by IT cosmetics is a lovely pink shade, and for a rich, berry-tinted look go for Raspberry Crush by Merle Norman or Bare Berry lip and line by Pixi. (It comes with a liner on one end and a lip stick on the other, perfect for quick touch-ups in the Whole Foods bathroom.)

For a bright pink gloss check out Fuscia Freefall by Prestige or Micromesh by American Apparel or for an of-the-moment orange tint dab on Capri by NP Set. Lastly, don’t fight the urge to check yourself out in every reflective surface you pass by. Just let it happen.

Oh look, it’s hungover Executive Assistant Barbie

Depending on where you spend your 40+ hours that put a roof over yours and your plethora of cats’ heads, you may need to tone down your look to fit in with the rest of the suits. I suggest Forever Pink by Jane Iredale – it’s both a lip and cheek stain so that’s a small victory in the battle against the loads of crap we lug into the office everyday.

For fighting the banality otherwise known as horrible heat or air conditioning, protect your lips with a soft balm. Sugar’s lip treatment comes complete with SPF 15, and eco tints by eco lips is not only cruelty, carmine and gluten free – it comes with a carabiner! To keep yourself amused at work check out Paul and Joe’s interchangeable lip sticks (you can choose from a bevy of lipstick containers to place them in) and remember to study up on your company’s sexual harassment policy because you’re about to get hit on. A lot.

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