Falling Into Winter

This month, our Los Angeles-based makeup artist Kerry Malouf shows you how to transition your look from the chill of fall to the downright frost of winter with seamless ease. With this demonstration, Malouf adheres to a green mentality, by creating warm, creamy and utterly breathtaking looks with products from model Josie Maran’s eponymous, earth-friendly line.

Kerry says, “I created (model) Donia’s look by using all products exclusively from Josie Maran’s line. Josie’s motto is “green is gorgeous,” which is a philosophy that parallels my beliefs. I love her belief that “makeup should boost confidence and the spirit as well.” This is what I was trying to achieve with Donia. I wanted to create this natural, dewy look that was also a glamorous look at the same time. Since Fall is here and Winter is just around the corner, it’s a crucial time to begin transitioning into your winter look. And what’s sexier than glowing, beautiful skin paired with a light smoky eye to give you that little extra boost during the winter doldrums?

The artist likes skin to look “balanced and glowing yet completely natural” so she illuminated us (and her model’s skin, natch) on how to achieve this coveted look! Miss Malouf said, “I hydrated her skin with line’s Argan Oil, which is amazing! It’s a lightweight moisturizer that both heals and hydrates the skin.” Malouf then applied Maran’s Tinted Moisturizer in Linen, which “is invisible to the eye. I blended the concealer under her eyes and on any areas that needed more coverage using the Concealer Stick in Linen as well. I like to think of concealer as an eraser, and I love the way Josie gives her Tinted Moistuizer and Concealer both the same name so it’s not confusing.” Those of you with an aversion to multiple products should be happy about this, too, since it eliminates the confusion and intimidation factor when dealing with a multitude of products that do so many different things.

Photo by Anita Razzano

When it came to the colors of this look, Malouf said, “I then added a hint of color to her cheeks by adding Sunset Creme Blush. To create a light, sexy and ultimately smoky eye, I blended two eye shadows: Pewter, which is a shimmery grey and Cappuccino, which is a shade, on her eyelids. I framed her eye by lining the top and bottom lash line with Charcoal Eye Liner and thus smudged Magic, a grayish, navy shadow on top of the liner. I then used Maran’s Black Mascara, which both conditions and lengthens, and makes the eyes really pop. Lastly, I applied Lip Gloss in Strength, which is sheer and has a touch of shimmer.” It’s a beautiful look and use of color, don’t you think?

For Donia’s Body Shots, Malouf massaged the line’s Bronzing Argan Oil into her skin.”It’s a Moroccan Oil that adds an instant summer glow to the skin. Donia and I both had a magical experience!” In November, in New York or any cold climate, you can never have enough glow.

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