Flutterby Mascara Shields Let You Say Buh-Bye to Clumps and Smudges

There are three common mascara issues I deal with. First, I hate when I apply to my top and bottom lashes and then blink before it dries, leaving a little smudge of product on my cheek. Or if I blink, I get some mascara on my perfectly applied eyeshadow on my upper lid and have to carefully maneuver to remove it without messing up the shadow. Third, I have a hard time lining my bottom lashes; since they are small, the wand is often too big to grab onto the lashes, and then I get a smear and it smudges too much under the lashline. Well, the Flutterby Mascara Shield is the hack that will make these problems a thing of the past. The design was engineered to follow the contours of eyes and cheeks. It’s so easy to use. You just place it along your upper lashline, as it is meant to fit snuggly. Place it under your lashline apply mascara, as it will protect your skin and serve as a guide. It also eliminates clumps.

Buh-bye clumps and smudges!

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