Foundation Sticks Are Back and Better Than Ever


I am going to preface this story by saying that when it comes to makeup I consider myself a hoarder and I’m also very VERY picky about what I put on my face. When I noticed that foundation sticks were picking up popularity among the beauty industry all I could think of was the cheap, chalky foundation sticks that I bought when I was 12. I had these bad images of cake face engrained in my head. However, curiosity got the best of me when bloggers, makeup artists and friends kept mentioning that they were loving the ease, wearability and coverage of their stick of choice; so I gave into temptation and tried 6 different brands. Did they actually live up to the hype? Well you’ll just have to continue reading to find out…

Foundation 1: Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick
Application: Hourglass Vanish Foundation Brush
Claim: Longwearing & waterproof 12-hour foundation

This foundation, which gained a lot of its popularity from the YouTube and blogger community, is like an Instagram filter packed into a tiny triangular tube. It glides on effortlessly and a little bit goes a long way. I used the brush that goes with the collection to buff the foundation into my skin. It gives a medium coverage but can be built up to full. It dries down to a powdery satin finish that doesn’t make you look flat but also doesn’t leave you shiny. The triangular shape of the tube is unique to this product and actually makes it a breeze when trying to get product into the small spaces around your nose and under your eyes. This product, without a setting powder lasted a good 5 hours on my skin before having to touch up. With a setting powder (I used the Kat Von D Lock-it Setting Powder) it lasted a full 8-10 hour work day on my combination skin without any blotting or touching up. Overall, I would say this foundation is perfect for any skin type and it’s perfect for someone looking for a powdery, flawless filter finish.

Available in 26 shades for $46 at Sephora
Brush is available for $46 at Sephora
Kat Von D Lock-it Setting Powder is available for $15-$30 at Sephora

Foundation 2: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick
Application: Artis Palm Brush
Claims: Look and feel like skin while perfecting and evening skin tone

Bobbi Brown is a cult favorite brand known for creating foundations that look so natural it’s like you’re not even wearing any and this stick foundation has taken those same formulas but packaged it in a tube making it easy for on-the-go touchups and more. This foundation dries quickly so working on half of the face at a time is key to making sure it blends in seamlessly to your skin. Once it dries down you are left with the most natural medium coverage that truly looks like your skin but better. The Artis Palm brush was the perfect tool in creating the flawless finish I was looking for. This foundation doesn’t claim to be super longwearing but I was still able to wear it for a full 8 hour workday without it breaking up around my nose or fading away. This foundation is good for people with normal to dry skin just because it works with your natural skin type so if you’re oily it might not wear for as long.

Available in 33 shades for $46 at Sephora
Artis Palm Brush available for $65 at Artis

Foundation 3: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation
Application: Artis Palm Brush
Claims: Long-lasting perfecting foundation designed to be invisible on camera

Okay, so this one I was most excited to try out because I have been a long time lover of their Ultra HD Invisible Cover liquid foundation and let me say this product didn’t disappoint. This stick foundation quickly has become a go-to when I know there may be photos taken because, as it claims, it is literally invisible on camera and makes my skin look just like my skin but without any flaws. It dries down to a medium/full coverage, semi-matte finish with just a touch of radiance. This is also a great foundation when I know that I want a no fuss makeup day. I rarely have to touch up with this and can go from work to dinner to home without looking like I’ve been wearing product all day long. I would say all skin types could wear this foundation but people with oilier skin may need to blot sooner or just set it with a really good powder than those with normal to dry skin.

Available in 20 shades for $43 at Sephora
Artis Palm Brush available for $65 at Artis

Foundation 4: Wander Beauty Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation
Application: Application: Hourglass Vanish Foundation Brush
Claims: Hydrating foundation formulated with skincare ingredients to lock in moisture

Wander Beauty is a brand that just recently launched at Sephora. They have a full range of makeup products that are cruelty free and promise to help you achieve the best, most natural version of your skin. Typically, I stay away from products promising a glow because my combo skin can get oily with too much glow, however, this foundation managed to give me a youthful glow but also stay put all day. This is a perfect everyday medium coverage foundation that acted as the perfect base for whatever products I was going to use next. Since it’s a hydrating foundation I did end up using a setting powder (Kat Von D Lock-it Setting Powder) on my t-zone just to make sure that it did stay locked in all day. What I love about this product is that it photographs really well and the glow looks radiant not greasy in photos. This is a product for people with normal to dry skin; oilier skin types may not like the feel of this since it won’t leave you with a matte finish.

Available in 7 shades for $40 at Sephora
Hourglass Vanish Foundation Brush is available for $46 at Sephora
Kat Von D Lock-it Setting Powder is available for $15-$30 at Sephora

Foundation 5: Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation
Application: Morphe E31 Deluxe Flat Buffer brush
Claims: Sheer to moderate coverage with a natural finish

If these foundations were getting rated based solely on their names then this one would surely win. Clinique is one of those tried and true brands that create staple products that you never think twice about repurchasing….High Impact Curling Mascara anyone?? The brand first came out with their Chubby lip colors, which are amazing and decided to carry the same fun and easy packaging over to their foundations. This foundation gives a flawless and natural looking finish that is perfect for full-face application or on-the-go touchups. What’s great about this product is that it is pretty foolproof; it blends out so easily that you don’t have to worry about it looking splotchy or accidentally applying too much. This product is great for all skin types and has an average wear time of about 5-6 hours before touching up depending on whether you set it or not. This is one of the products that will always be tossed into my clutch or purse since it makes touching up so easy.

Available in 10 shades for $24 at Sephora
Morphe E31 Deluxe Flat Buffer brush available for $19.99 at Morphe

Foundation 6: Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation
Application: Artis Palm Brush
Claims: Highly pigmented foundation with a demi-matte finish

The last foundation that I tried was another one that gained a lot of popularity through the YouTube beauty community. Anastasia Beverly Hills gained cult status through its brow products and just recently launched their foundation stick. The formula of this foundation is creamy but sets quickly so it’s best to work in small spaces rather than applying it to the whole face at once. After it sets you are left with a medium coverage demi-matte finish that is perfect for those who want a matte finish but they don’t want to look flat. This foundation is designed for those with combo to oily skin. What’s also great is that since it’s made for those with combo to oily skin it doesn’t feel heavy at all, which is great for the summer months. For those with more normal to dry skin you will still like this but should probably use a moisturizing primer to avoid having it catch onto dry patches. Anastasia Beverly Hills definitely cemented their status in the foundation world and I’m excited to see what products they have in the works.

Available in 29 shades at Sephora
Artis Palm Brush available for $65 at Artis

So did these products live up to all the buzz they have been receiving in the beauty world? Yes. While I still have my holy grail liquid foundation that I typically use on a day to day basis I did find myself reaching for my sticks quite frequently; mainly because they shave about 5 minutes off of my makeup routine in the morning. They have definitely come a long way from the chalky cake face sticks that I remember picking up as a pre-teen. These foundations are definitely earning a top shelf spot on my vanity and while they aren’t 100% replacing my trusty liquid foundation they are going to be sharing about 50% of the wear time. Its nice to have options in foundations and these 6 different formulas give me so much to work with.

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