The 3 Best Luxury Perfumes for Holiday Gifting

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a super luxurious gift. Thrill her with a beautiful perfume from Krigler, Lalique or Jean Patou housed in an exquisitely gorgeous limited edition bottle.

When you mix a legendary romantic story with a high quality perfume and house it in a beautifully sculpted bottle, you get Pleasure Gardenia 79 Édition Précieuse by Krigler Perfumes. Created in 1879 by Albert Krigler for his fiancée, this is a romantic, super feminine, sexy, floral perfume. Pleasure Gardenia 79 was inspired by the Japanese Gardenia from Kyoto, and opens with jasmine and mimosa, which then moves into gardenia petals, a hint of vanilla and soft musk. The bottle was crafted by an Austrian artisan in an elegant diamond-like shape which gives a nod to its history: the scent was Albert Krigler’s engagement gift to his future wife. Make this limited edition gift your love story to her.

Price: $635
Available: Krigler and the Krigler Boutique in the Plaza Hotel, NYC

It’s a toss up as to what she’ll love more, the bottle or the perfume. Truth is, doesn’t matter, both are equally alluring. Every year, Lalique, the legendary crystal house, creates a special bottle to celebrate their first perfume called Lalique de Lalique. It was created in 1994 and is a very feminine fragrance. Lalique de Lalique opens with a big bouquet of flower blossoms – Bulgarian rose, jasmine, spicy wallflower and powdery iris, and goes into a heart of delicate fruits – blackcurrant, wild blackberries and pears. The soft woody base contains lasting notes of sandalwood, bourbon vanilla, white musk and amber. It’s housed in a distinctly Lalique limited edition flacon that is numbered and signed.

Price: $1800
Available: Lalique

Joy Perfume by Jean Patou was the most expensive perfume in the world for years, and while that’s no longer true, it’s still made with high quality pricey ingredients. Created in 1931, Joy Perfume still gets it flower blossoms from its own flower fields in Grasse, France. They use 10,600 flowers for each bottle of perfume, which includes Bulgarian rose, ylang ylang, tuberose and Grasse jasmine. Joy is a distinguished scent, easily recognizable and adored by many women. This beautifully sculpted bottle is a limited edition of only 50 and was created by the legendary Baccarat Crystal.

Price: $1800
Available: Neiman Marcus