Abel Fragrance: Obsessed with Natural Scent + Sustainability

New Zealand’s Abel Odor‘s Limited Edition Layering Set is 100% Plant Derived Eau de Parfum (15ml/0.51 fl oz) and is comprised of Cynan Nori, Pink Iris, and Green Cedar for Fall layering. These hypermodern scents are 100% plant-derived, crafted with biodegradable and vegan ingredients, and can be lovely worn solo or rendered more complex in layers. They elevate your mood, invigorate your senses, feed your soul, and smell sophisticated-yet-pure, so have fun playing around with them.

The Breakdown

cyan nori – a sweet/salty musk
Lively, juicy tangerine and white peach spring brightly forth, followed by a salty deep sea dry-down. Nori has moisture-enriching amino acids, so this scent blurs the line between functional and fragrant to deliver its benefits.

pink iris – a contemporary classic floral
Sichuan pepper enliven the nose along with fresh basil in this floral bouquet that’s an ode to to the iris flower. Rose, jasmine, and natural musk round out the magnificent notes.

green cedar – velvet rich woods
Twice distilled Texas cedar and wild-harvested Atlas mountain cedar mingle to create a thoroughly intoxicating fragrance.

With this natural trio, you can retreat to the rejuvenating pleasures of a wild flower garden, inhale the raw power of the ocean, and forest-bathe for serenity. Choose which natural domain you want to experience: woods, sea, or garden – or combine them.

The Layering Lowdown
There’s no right way to layer, since it’s all about experimentation and your imagination and preferences. Try one scent on your skin, and another on your clothing or hair. Fragrance last longer on clothes and hair, but truly come alive on the skin. Spray it on pulse points where your blood is closest to the skin and your skin is the warmest. This body warmth enables the fragrance to “open up” and interact with your unique body chemistry, bringing forth a scent that is uniquely – and naturally – you. Layer or choose a scent based on life situations, too. You may want more or less, depending on where you’re headed, with whom, and what you’re wearing.

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1% of Abel Odor’s revenue is earmarked for grassroots environmental causes.