An Ode to Nature: Source Adage’s Fragrance Collection

The Source Adage Fine Fragrance Collection is crafted in Hudson, NY and Italy to provide a sensorial escape through scent to destinations as evocative as the memories you create there, encompassing such nature-rich settings as Alaska, the Florida Keys, Hawaii, an aromatic fresh spice market, a volcanic island, a serene mossy forest, and an incense-filled temple. You can choose your own unisex eau de parfum destination through their Eau de Parfum Discovery Set, which includes the following scent masterpieces:


Broody, mysterious volcanic smoke notes dance with island spice accords. In Hawaiian, aka’ula means red sunset or red shadow, bringing the breathtaking beauty and drama of that moment in the day.
Notes: spicy ginger, vetiver, pineapple leaves, Starwood, vanilla, coffee and tantalizingly peaty smoke notes.

unisex eau de parfums by source adage fragrances


Fresh and vibrant Arctic accords meld with crisp sweet apple and warm, mossy woodland notes. C’i’ann means new moon in the Ahtna language of Southern Alaska. This provides the impetus to start anew and afresh.
Notes: Inhale aromatic juniper, uplifting spearmint, apple, balsamic notes of fir, cedar, and amber.

unisex eau de parfums by source adage fragrances


Lush wildflowers balance with carnal seafarer, amber and wood in this distinctive composition. Aetai is an Algonquian word that means “on both sides,” and you will be able to enjoy a full spectrum of scents with this poetic fragrance, which is akin to taking a hike through a lush garden and an aromatic forest.
Notes: Cape rose, wild iris, dark violets, jasmine, samba, pink pepper, clove, sandalwood, amber and patchouli blend beautifully together.


Calming, serene coastal hillside accords with green herb, suede, and forest floor accords render this creation distinctive. Monto’ac means “great spirit” in the Croatoan dialect in the Carolinas. Sage anchors this great ship of a fragrance that sails you into a. new and gorgeous landscape.
Notes: Purifying silver sage, native green grape, oak moss, green tobacco leaves, saffron musk.


This spicy tropical scent is inspired by the pristine white sands of the Florida Keys and warm Caribbean breezes. L’khana means “enlightened” in the Choctaw language. Inhale the citrus, coconut, and sunshine of summer islands along with the stars of the spice realm.
Notes: Zesty fresh grapefruit rind, lime, pink pepper, ginger, and cardamom mingle with coconut and pale musk.

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