Best Scents of Summer Bottled Up to Wear in Fall and Winter

Summer has distinct nostalgic scents. The beach, the ocean air, freshly cut grass, tropical flowers from faraway vacations, fresh citrus in your drink and roasting s’mores around the campfire all come to mind. As the air cools and summer fades, don’t you wish you could bottle up summer and keep it with you all year round? You’re in luck, you can! These seven scents embody the fragrance of summer, so you can keep the care-free season with you all winter long.

Giorgio Armani Sun di Gioia

Just as the name describes, Giorgio Armani’s Sun di Gioia smells of warmth and summer sunshine. Created by perfumer Marie Salamagne, it’s part of the brand’s “Gioia,” or “joy” collection. Sun di Giogia shines bright and captures that moment in time when the first summer sun shines on your skin and feels warm, sensual and feminine. It’s composed of marine notes along with frangipani and bergamot top notes, jasmine and ylang-ylang heart notes, and coconut milk and iris at the base. An excellent pick for an everyday scent, it keeps the familiar summer warmth near and dear, even on the coldest of days.

Available: Macys

Bond No. 9 Spring Fling

Before the hot summer, we have the glorious spring which says goodbye to winter with a profusion of flowers. You can’t, nor will you want to, resist the bouquet of color and vivaciousness of Spring Fling by Bond No. 9 created by perfumer Laurent Le Guernec. This ultra feminine perfume opens up with lily of the valley and passionflower to immediately make you forget that it’s cold outside. A spray of honeysuckle, jasmine and freesia seduce your senses and reminds you that warmer days will come again, while amber, musk and teak-wood anchor those rich florals that make you feel girly and feminine. Anytime you need a floral fix, reach for this gorgeous violet bottle with the oversized fuchsia flower and spritz!

Available: SaksFifthAve

Nateeva Jamaica

Tropical islands have a definite aroma – native flowers mixed with balmy breezes intoxicate the senses. Nateeva is a luxury fragrance collection with scents highlighting the various islands of the Caribbean, including Jamaica of course. Nateeva Jamaica, created by perfumer Laurent Le Guernec, is an ode to Jamaica’s national flower, the Lignum Vitae, laced with mandarin, frangipani and coconut water. When applying, you’ll first notice a tropical floral, yet spicy aroma which softens into a fresh, sophisticated scent. The brand also carries body lotions in each signature island scent. so it’s also the perfect wedding party gift for a destination wedding. Nateeva donates a portion of proceeds to animal causes – another plus!

Available: Nateeva

Pinrose Campfire Rebel

If you love yourself a good bonfire, better yet, enjoy sipping whiskey in nature with friends, Pinrose Campfire Rebel created by perfumer David Apel might be made just for you. A rebellious choice for sure, its masculine, woodsy scent includes notes of whiskey with a touch of raspberry, burning agarwood (oud), and vetiver. It has a long-lasting wear that warms slightly over time with its bourbon vanilla finish. It could pass as shared/unisex and is a contender for those who don’t like a traditional cologne. A perfect scent to transition into fall that keeps the fiery scent of a crackling summer camp alive!

Available: Nordstrom

Atelier Clémentine California Cologne Absolue

When you’re bundled up in sweaters and California dreaming on a winter’s day, splash on Atelier Clémentine California Cologne Absolue and be instantly transported to west coast warmth. Atelier Cologne, known for their unusual colognes with a sparkly spunk will have both him and her walking on sunshine. Perfumer Jerome Epinette takes the opening citrus notes of clementine and mandarin up a notch to non traditional with the addition of juniper berries. Spicy mid notes of star anise and Szechuan pepper are mixed with basil for a nice surprise. And the dry down of sandalwood and cypress get a green jolt of vetiver. You absolutely want this one.

Available: Nordstrom

Creed Virgin Island Water

Inspired by sailing adventures through Sir Francis Drake Channel in the Caribbean, Creed Virign Island Water is a shared/unisex fragrance radiating fresh lime, coconut and prestige. Both fresh and warm, and reminiscent of those tropical winds, you’ll notice hints of bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, ginger and hibiscus, warming to a base of tropical sugar cane, white rum and musk. It was created by Olivier Creed and Erwin Creed, and is upscale and rich in history; Creed has been outfitting royalty for over 250 years. A family business, now being operated by the sixth generation, the brand is rich in history, carrying a rich price tag for its handmade fragrances. Quality and sophistication, with a side of lime!

Available: Bloomingdales

Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Oil Noni Infusion

On winter days when your skin is quenching for thirst, reach for Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Oil Noni Infusion for a moisturizing solution straight from paradise. This fragrant body oil can be used from head to toe – in the tub or as part of an aromatic scalp massage. Its exotic blend is comprised of noni, an indigenous plant of the South Pacific, fruit and seed oil. It can be used alone or layered with perfume and it keeps skin soft thanks to a blend of cold pressed virgin coconut, macadamia, sikeci, dilo and noni oils.

Available: Pure Fiji