Candles: The Best Gift for Everyone on Your List

I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love candles. They really are a perfect gift choice for everyone – any gender, any living space. Candles visually and aromatically help transform our decor and mood to warm and sexy, cheery and uplifting, or meditative and calming. Check out these lovely choices; you’ll want them all for yourself as well.


Happy Anniversary Lafco! This admirable candle company is celebrating their 30th anniversary and owner/perfumer Jon Bresler has created a special candle to mark the occasion. Paradiso Fig is an ode to Jon’s early career years spent in Italy learning about fragrance. He says “It was like home for me. I was there five times a year training with the chemists, absorbing everything I could about the process of botanical skincare and natural perfumery production.” The Paradiso Fig candle is an addictive scent of earthy and juicy fruits – Sicilian bergamot, ripe peach and delicious, succulent paradiso fig. As I sit and write this, the aroma is wafting across my desk and the wick isn’t even lit. The elegant handblown artisan vessel goes with any décor or color scheme, and the clear and colored glass evokes a leaf pattern that becomes even more beautiful when the candle is lit. The Paradiso Fig is a limited anniversary edition and is available in three sizes. Once the candle is finished, the vessel is an elegant keepsake that’s useful for many things.

Available: Blue Mercury and Lafco


In looking at the simplicity of design of the Nordic-inspired Skandinavisk candles, the word hygge immediately jumps into mind. The popular Scandinavian word, first used by Danish writers 200 years ago, translates to a feeling of coziness and the warmth of connecting with people. Skandinavisk’s creators say, “We believe a more Scandinavian approach to life offers a blueprint for a better future in a world that’s forgetting how to listen to quieter voices.” The lovely Lykke Candle, available in two sizes, is an uplifting scent of snowdrops, rosebuds, carnations and lilies, but is not a girly or overly floral. All of the Skandinavisk candles come in glass vessels painted with clean, modern designs, and have beechwood lids that can be placed under the candle to protect delicate surfaces while burning, as well as being the perfect snuffer. The simply lovely vessel can be used to hold tea candles, or other small treasures once the wax is gone.

Available: Skandinavisk

Finn & Co.

Right now, we could all use a nice walk on a white sandy beach feeling the salty ocean waves covering our feet with its cool gentleness. The double wicked White Sand Candle by Finn & Co. will evoke your favorite seaside memories. The fragrance of honeysuckle, mandarin, and a pinch of sea salt will delight your senses. The simple and stylish amber glass vessel is reusable for many things. The White Sand Candle is like a day at the beach in a candle.

Available: Finn & Co.