Carrière Frères Cypress: in Sublime Botanical Palets, Candles, + Diffusers

Carrière Frères now offers its iconic botanical palets, candles, and diffuser in Cypress scent (Cupressus), which is sublimely aromatic for the heart of summer. Inspired by the noble Mediterranean tree, Cypress is woody, fresh, and heavenly aromatic. It smells clean, much as a forest smells fresh and green.

You can place the 100% vegetable wax Cypress botanical palet in clothing drawers or closets, but they’re so lovely that you may prefer to hang them in washrooms, a baby’s room (no chemicals!), a bedroom, or an entranceway. Cypress is noted for its antibacterial and clarifying properties, the Cypress fragrance in particular is perfect for a bedroom or a bathroom. The slender conifer Cypress has small, triangular, scale-like leaves and bears round wooden fruits. It flourishes grows in warm Northern temperate regions and defines the gorgeous Italian Tuscan landscape. Cypress wood was also historically used to manufacture Italian harpsichords. Woody, fresh and aromatic, the Cypress scent will uplift your spirit.

Natural & Safe: created with 100% vegetable wax from European organic rapeseed, 100% cotton ribbon, and plants and chips of natural origin harvested sustainably. Handcrafted and made in Normandy, France with no plastic or non-essential materials.

Palets = $49
Diffuser = $90
Candle = $65
Available: HERE