Date Night Perfumes

The term “date night” could mean you’re actually on a date, you’re out and looking for a future date, or you’re having a girls night out date. Whatever your date night is, your perfume should reflect a change from your daytime fragrances. Keep the subtle “barely there” scents for the conservative office and get a little, or a lot, more bold with your choices at night. Let it reflect your individuality, your personality and perhaps your inner vixen. Behold these beautifully addictive scents that could become your personal favorites.

For when you’re in a trendy cocktail lounge…

Last year, Camille Goutal, Creative Director and daughter of Annick Goutal, created the Oiseaux de Nuit (Bird of the Night) Collection which started with Tenue de Soiree. J’adore! The round purple ombre’d glass bottle and purple pom pom was a huge departure from the lady like ribbed glass flacons and the butterfly topped bottles so identifiable of the Annick Goutal brand. This new simple round bottle was a deliberate statement to reach out to attract new fans, while it still captures the sophistication and sensibility of the unique Annick Goutal allure. Now, the newest to the collection is Nuit et Confidences. Both perfumes were created by perfumer Mathieu Nardin, and are very different from one another.

Studies show that men are attracted to the scent of vanilla which makes Nuit et Confidences a perfect date night scent. The opening notes are bergamot and black pepper which soon head into mid notes of tonka bean, frankincense and a spray of white flowers. Finally long lasting base notes of yummy, but not cloyingly sweet, vanilla takes a starring role and is mixed in with white musk. It’s a perfume that’ll get you through the night as it’s long lasting and has a moderate sillage. Like Tenue de Soiree, it’s housed in a round ombre shaded bottle with a fun oversized pom pom, and this time the bottle is ombre blue and the pom pom deep indigo silk cloth, which gives it an irreverent and trendy look. Enjoy this sensual scent and the compliments sure to come with wearing it.

Available: Annick Goutal

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For when you’re visiting a new age art gallery…

If you know anything about Thierry Mugler, you know he’s a ground breaker, from his surreal over-the-top haute couture fashions created for clients such as Beyonce and Cirque du Soleil, to his perfumes. His premier perfume, the one and only Angel created a new fragrance category – gourmand – in 1992 and was the first perfume not to contain floral notes; and it’s still one of the best selling perfumes in the world. Alien, which launched after Angel, was also a force to be reckoned with, and is still extremely popular. When it comes to disrupting the staid, Mugler certainly knows how to shake things up. The perfect date night perfume for the new age art gallery goer, the indie film lover, or the wearable art collector is Wonder Bouquet from Mugler’s Les Exceptions Haute Parfumerie collection. Created by perfumer Jean-Christophe Herault, this perfume is definitely not for shrinking violets and opens with a giant floral hit of lily-of-the-valley, sambac jasmine, and orange blossom. As it softens, notes of brioche and bran wrap around you as if you snuck into a bakery. Seriously, who uses these notes in a perfume? But it totally works. And then….wait for it….a hint of beeswax and shiso leaf comes along for yet another surprising fragrance jolt. It’s a symphony of harmony that’s disharmonious. It’s bold, over the top and fabulous. Wonder Bouquet has a strong sillage and is very long lasting and it’s a winner. Like all of Thierry Mugler’s fashions and perfumes, it’s for people who want to make a statement.

Available: Nordstrom

This could be the night he says he loves you…

If you think this is the night he’s going to say the three little words you’ve been hoping to hear, it really doesn’t matter where you are – a cozy little bistro, at home watching a Netflix marathon, or at a baseball game. What matters is how you feel, and making that feeling last. And because scent is our biggest memory trigger, you want to be wearing a perfume that will always bring you – and him – back to this romantic moment in time. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum is the scent you want to remember when he says “I love you.”

This latest version of Miss Dior, created by Dior In-house perfumer François Demachy, features actress Natalie Portman in the ad campaign, which is all about love. Miss Dior opens with a hit of bergamot essence and then heads right into the flower of love, the rose. One isn’t enough and includes rose essences from Grasse, (the birthplace of perfume) as well as the Damascus rose. It gets warmed up with base notes of Guyana Rosewood and pink peppercorn. Monsieur Demarchy tells us, “I created Miss Dior’s floral facet, emphasizing the power of its roses inorder to make it sensual. A declaration of love to love!

Available: Sephora and Macy’s


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