Dossier Perfumes: Quality, Clean French Fragrance For All

French perfume sourced from Grasse without French perfume prices is officially possible now. Dossier Perfumes has an admirable mission: to provide the world with the same alluring, sophisticated scents as the more expensive fragrance brands and with similar ingredient blends, but with a laudable twist: clean ingredients and much lower price points. How incredibly awesome is that? Say yes to smelling good, and no to overpaying. Beloved in Europe, Dossier is a trusted source for fresh fragrances that won’t leave overbearing chem-trails in your wake, and are likely cleaner than your favorite brands, but just as rich and sophisticated to the nose. For example, Dossier’s Aromatic Star Anise is ideal for lovers of DIOR SAUVAGE.

The WHY of Dossier
As scent enthusiasts themselves, the brand’s founders could no longer ignore the pernicious price markups in the fragrance industry, especially when combined combined with adding less expensive ingredients to save costs. Celebrity endorsement fees contributed to the increase, as well as expensive packaging, contributed to the increase. In this era of inflation, paying much less for more is smart. Dossier Perfume’s low prices points enable fragrance lovers to build a collection of scents they can layer or wear according to event and season without worrying about prices. Instead, the perfume blends are in the spotlight.

The HOW of Dossier
Dossier premium fragrances are a new way to shop, since you now have access to clean, ethically sourced, long-lasting, high-end perfume that rivals the most popular commercial brands. The brand values transparency, and is open about how their operations work. They empower consumers with honest, useful information about the industry and their products within it, including details on the sourcing of ingredients and being candid about pricing. No smoke-and-mirrors are even necessary. Craftsmanship is also an enormous part of how Dossier Perfumes does business. This brand never sacrifices quality for profits, or cuts corners; in fact, every bottle of Dossier perfume represents the highest-quality perfume sourced from Grasse, France, the veritable perfume capital of the world.

The Strength of Dossier Perfumes
Dossier perfumers have the highest standards and values when creating heavenly blends, and use higher concentrations than most famous brands to ensure a long-lasting effect. This is one of their strengths. Another is their refusal to tell you what to like, what to aspire to, and what you need. YOU decide what fires up your senses and makes you swoon. Dossier simply provides all of the perfumes necessary for a wide swath of people with varying tastes. Access to premium fragrances shouldn’t be a privilege for just the 1%, but the norm for all people. this brand strives for fairness in all regards, and is more than just a money-making fragrance venture – it’s a mission for the future and to improve society, one nose at a time.

The WHERE of Dossier
Dossier was founded in 2018, opened their e-commerce store in April 2019, and have sold hundreds of thousands of bottles of perfume (throughout the pandemic and beyond). As mentioned, their perfumes are crafted in Grasse, France, and because they are high quality and long-lasting, they rival any other brand on the market for that reason. Where do their prices start? At only $29 each, rendering Dossier the clear choice for your skin, your health, and the environment we share.

The JOY of Dossier
Say au revoir to feeling you can’t afford quality French perfume! Fragrances should not be an investment, but should be a daily pleasure instead – whether you prefer spicy, floral, musky, fresh, watery, forest-evoking, citrus, powdery, tea scents, green notes, herb scents, unisex, leathery, aldehydes, or an inspired, creative combination of these olfactory delights. All of the Dossier perfumes are vegan and cruelty-free, and crafted with 100% clean French ingredients. Each is comparable to an established commercial scent, so if you have a favorite fragrance then you should definitely try Dossier’s clean, affordable version.

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