Dossier – Your Favorite Fragrances with a Twist: Clean, Duplicated + More Affordable

Dossier sounds like a dream come true: it was founded by fragrance lovers to make premium fragrances accessible to everyone. After realizing that the price markups on exquisite perfumes are often because of celebrity endorsement fees and unnecessarily pricey packaging, they knew they could sell the same incredible scents for less. And voila! Dossier was born out of love and necessity. The fragrances are clean, ethically sourced, long-lasting and luxuriously high-end while being affordable. Fine fragrance should not be so expensive that it’s an investment — it should be an olfactory treat that uplifts your spirit and celebrates your style.

For example, if you love Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry ($216 – $375), then try Ambery Cherry ($49), which is vegan, cruelty-free, and crafted with clean ingredients. Ambery Cherry bursts forth notes of cherry, cinnamon, and almond — which slowly makes way for warm clove, plum, and fresh flowers, like rose and jasmine. Then vanilla, Tonka Bean, and Peru Balsam appear, warming up the fragrance for its rich, ambery structure. This is delightful for summer!

Do you love Victor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb for summer? Enjoy it in a clean version match from Dossier called Gourmand White Flowers for $29 rather than $115 or more. Gourmand White Flowers sparkles with bergamot, green tea, berries, freesia caramel, and vanilla notes that intermingle with orchid, jasmine, musk, patchoulie and rose. This fragrance is akin to taking an intriguing walk through summer woods as white flowers bloom around you in patches of warm sunlight. Warm and feminine, sweet and sexy, with a powdery veil. A classic, sophisticated fragrance.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue inspired Dossier’s Citrus Marine. Citrus Marine opens with a splash of uplifting citrus and grapefruit zests, blended with peppery and refreshing marine notes, which is ideal for summer. This refreshing, youthful splash of fragrance is grounded with a subtle incense and dry woody, amber-soaked accord that lends just a hint of meaningfulness and gravitas to the fun. Joyful, outdoorsy, light, and energizing, Citrus Marine captures the smell of a relaxing Mediterranean vacation in Capri, offering long-lasting freshness.

Marc Jacobs Daisy is perfect for summer, but without the price tag – and with clean ingredients. That’s where Dossier’s Floral Violet comes in. The opening notes are fruity and flirty, reminiscent of watermelon, strawberry, and pomelo, followed by a bouquet of lush violets. The natural violet notes in perfumery actually come from the leaves rather than the petals, so Violet leaves impart a wonderfully natural green scent to this summer garden fragrance. The fresh middle notes are infused with base notes of jasmine, wood, and vanilla, rounding out the scent so it’s more complete and has complex depth. Romantic and feminine, the Floral Violet fragrance is for you if you’re a romantic at heart. Its mellow sweetness is both natural and sophisticated, perhaps like you.

Something for Everyone
Shop for women, men, unisex… humans. You can also find sets on the Dossier site, as well as delightfully fragrant, clean candles.

The Clean Team
Smell heavenly without overpaying — and clean ingredients help you, the people around you, and the globe, too. Dossier follows strict U.S. and E.U. cosmetic safety recommendations when formulating their perfumes and candles, which are ethical, sustainable, and sourced from the highest quality ingredients. Their vegan, eco-friendly fragrances are 100% non-toxic and cruelty-free so you can indulge any time, guilt-free. Dossier values transparency, craftsmanship, and inclusion. Support this excellent fragrance concept, and revel in your favorite scents – now you can afford many more of them!
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