Esas Beauty: A Nourishing New Era for Fragrance

The fragrance industry has long been overtaken by major corporations that have imbued it with toxic ingredients to cut corners and save money, eschewing the various family crafts of real perfume-making that have been passed down through the generations, typically from father to son. This is why it’s so exciting that two women are carrying on their family tradition of perfume-making and clean-ingredient fragrance here in NYC. Rooted in the unique craftsmanship they learned from their grandparents, founders Seda Bilginer and Amanda Sichon intend to lead Esas Beauty NYC with kindness, inclusiveness, and sustainability. This is exactly what the world needs as we enter 2023. As colleagues at Givaudan, the global fragrance and flavor manufacturer, they bonded, and the result is this magnificent new brand.

Esas Beauty is organic and sustainable as a farm-to-beauty company, creating anti-inflammatory lifestyle products rooted in global traditions and rituals that nurture humans and nourish them through their noses.

The Extraordinary Products

The luxurious KOLONYA™ hand cleanser appropriately debuted in 2020 and has 70% organic alcohol, locally sourced ingredients (Bok choy, for example). It serves as moisturizer, anti-aging potion, and heavenly fragrance all bundles together.

Their Fragrance line encompasses Bergamot Beach, Jasmine Beach, and Fearless. Esas unveiled its second product, Organic Fragrance Mist as the first chemical-free fragrance experience, and is a sustainable, mood elevating anti-inflammatory, and sustainable. As their line expands, each takes you to different place. The fresh scent of Bergamot Beach whisks you away to a luxurious olfactory oasis, Fearless transports you to a seductive garden, and Jasmine Beach takes you on a floral journey to Eden.

The new Esas fragrance Fearless is, in a word, divine. It opens with a very green scent that is peppery (pink peppercorn) and reminiscent of herbs and vegetables (cypriol) in a refreshing way, then the heart blossoms into a fully sophisticated scent that works for all occasions (cocoa absolute, creamy coconut pulp, warm benzoin, ylang ylang. violet leaf), since this is an organic fragrance that won’t assault the noses of co-workers and others in the elevator. In fact, you’ll be asked which perfume you have on because it’s that good. The dry-down is thoroughly feminine and soft (pure vanilla and creamy sandalwood), which is so different from its opening, yet equally intriguing and lovely. Fearless is an innovative scent formula that mixes with your body chemistry to create your own unique scent. Cozy and luxurious, the Esas Beauty fragrances nourishes skin, rather than dries it. In fearless, moisturizing coconut and free-radical fighting grape leaf extract benefit the skin.

Ingredients + Packaging:
70% Certified Organic Alcohol*, Distilled Water, Coconut-Derived Glycerin, Grape Leaf Tincture**, Coconut Pulp CO2*, Vanilla Absolute*, Benzoin, Violet Leaf, Ylang Ylang*, Cypriol, Cocoa Absolute, Pink Peppercorn, and Sandalwood*
= *Certified Organic and **Esas-Made

Seda and Amanda developed the MOKURO CANDLE for a specific reason. Seda explains its origins: “Candle smoke is now the new secondhand smoke. It is similar to having a car exhaust in your home, because if one takes into account the years of lighting candles, it takes a toll.” The MOKURO CANDLE is crafted in the tradition of Japanese Mokuro candle-making. Mokuro is the material for wa-rosoku, a Japanese wax made by crushing, steaming, and condensing berries of certain sumacs, which is significantly more eco-friendly and non-toxic than those made from beeswax, soy, or typical paraffin (petroleum) wax, and more sustainable than palm oil. These candles are available in a wealth of different scent combinations, each more enticing than the last. Joy (pine and peppermint) is a personal favorite for the season because of its freshness.

Natural + Organic Ingredients, Transparency, Inclusiveness
Esas strives to use clean, natural ingredients, to practice inclusive hiring practices, and to embrace transparent business practices. The company takes pride in being an organic beauty brand that owns each step of the process, from sourcing local, organic, plant-based ingredients to manufacturing and bottling them in a sustainable manner. Esas’ business model is safe for the people that make them, good for the people who use them, and sustainable for Mother Nature. It’s a win for everyone, including the planet.

Healthy Modern Orientation
The company also formed from Amanda’s need to heal her acutely sensitive skin. She was raised in a loving Filipino family and struggled daily with severe eczema until she adopted an organic skincare and overall health routine. She was able to effectively treat her condition without harmful medications. This is another reason why Esas won’t ever use toxic ingredients that can induce eczema and other health problems. Esas proudly lists every ingredient.

“Look forward to look back” is the Esas motto, underscoring how traditional values such as respect for others, respect for hard work and respect for the planet pave the path forward. Esas has built its reputation around modernizing the industry with new science and more natural ways of making products.

Beautiful Chemistry
With Seda and Amanda’s undergraduate degrees in chemistry, and Amanda having a graduate degree in cosmetic chemistry too, Esas’s products are developed with this holistic 3-prong approach:
— Repair and reduce inflammation to combat free radicals and pollutants by restoring the skin’s microbiome with the highest quality enzymatic ingredients
— Hydrate and moisturize skin with antioxidants and humectants
— Protect and prevent trans-epidermal water loss and long-term environmental damage with organic and cold-pressed oils and butters

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