Fall in Love with Autumn’s New Seasonal Scents

Forget the urge to devour all things pumpkin this fall just for a minute-what have you been spritzing lately?

Gone are those days of wearing citrus-fueled fragrances to beat the summer heat, but don’t pull out those heavy patchoulis and musks quite yet. It may feel a little more chilly than usual, but no need to rush into the aromas of winter so soon. With plenty of golden, warm days still left in the season, you should still go easy on the scents, but heavy on substance. And fortunately, there are several fragrances already on the market to help you transition flawlessly.

For the recent arrival of autumn, here are three picks to help you smell divine and focus on other things, like savoring cider:

You might be tempted to channel your inner Picasso with this limited-edition gem, and rightfully so for its ability to make you feel bliss at any time of the day. “See by Chloé Paint a Scent” is a miniature eau de parfum that allows you to easily apply the fragrance with a delicate brush on your pulse points to maximize the perfume with your body heat. It may be petite in size, but “Paint a Scent” packs a major perfume punch that’ll leave you breathless and filled with joy. The fragrance opens with a trio of zesty bergamot, sweet, seasonal apple blossom, and calming white jasmine. It slowly softens to a comforting mixture of creamy vanilla and spicy sandalwood. Best of all? Just a drop or two is enough to last throughout the day.

Available at Macy’s and Nordstrom.com

You may have smelled like sunscreen at the office after those sun soaked weekends at the beach, but for the fall season, give your signature scent a makeover with a welcoming, downright delicious aroma that will keep you feeling confident without overpowering others. “BOSS Jour Pour Femme” is the latest eau de parfum by Hugo Boss and it’s a sleek, white mood booster inspired by the first light of day. The fragrance instantly opens with a union of ripe, juicy grapefruit and more dominant freshly squeezed limes, which tones down its sweetness, all while keeping it fresh and luscious for the morning. The perfume leads to a bouquet of velvety white florals, like freesia, lily of the valley, and honeysuckle. By lunchtime, expect a warm, darker note of amber for added sensuality, certain to keep you perked up to tackle the 5PM grind.

Available at Hugo Boss 555 Broadway and http://www.HugoBoss.com

The leading lady of this fragrance trio, “Margaux” by Tocca is a love letter to the vintage-loving gals seeking to entice and inspire others to go out and seize the day, even if the temperatures do happen to be dropping. Rich and succulent, “Margaux” makes a grand entrance with juicy, ripe blood oranges being caressed by bergamot blossoms, giving it a sweet, yet spicy flair. There are loads of milky cashmere woods, providing the same comforting hug one would feel sipping on hot cocoa during a furiously windy day. Green gardenia buds, black jasmine, and a deep, powdery violet give the scent depth and power before it becomes sensual warm musk with a touch of sweet vanilla. “Margaux” is what you should wear when you want all eyes on you at your next evening affair.

Available at Barneys New York 660 Madison Avenue and Sephora.com