Give Them Their Sun, Moon, and Stars

The stars are sure to align if you give your bestie, mom, or yourself Zodica Perfumery’s gorgeous Zodiac Perfume Palette this holiday season.  For starters, it arrives in an exquisite gift box. Inside, you’ll find 12 mini organic perfume sprays. Each one is inspired by aspects of the 12 signs of the zodiac. The perfumes are all vegan, cruelty-free and don’t contain gluten, parabens, or phthalates. Kristi Moe, the founder of Zodica was sensitive to fragrances herself. That’s why she thoughtfully created the gentle Zodica line so folks with fragrance sensitivities can enjoy the blends too.

Open the box, and you’ll find a scent wheel that explores your sun sign and how it interacts with the other signs. Don’t know your rising or moon sign? There’s a link included so you can figure it all out and more. The perfume vials are set amongst their constellations and notes like a fragrant night sky. There’s also a Blend Menu card featuring love, success, balance, and destiny blends that you can test out on the scent strips included or yourself.

I always thought fragrance layering was more of a marketing ploy than an everyday person thing. But layering with the Zodiac Perfume Palette is organic, fun, and meaningful. Zodica Perfumery also claims that, on average, 80% of people prefer their zodiac sign’s blend over the others, and this Capricorn agrees. What’s more, I’m pretty happy that the Capricorn blend features fun citrus notes. We’re not all about work. Zodica recommends that you try wearing signs other than your own to embody that sign’s best qualities or vibe. Or try the sign that’s currently in season.

This set encourages you to think about fragrance and yourself in new ways. It’s a beautiful gift that could change destinies — or, at the very least, improve what’s in the air.