Joya: Capturing Nature’s Essence in Fragrance

In the heart of Brooklyn lies a hidden gem where, with just a few steps, you can transport yourself away from the bustle of the city and into a sanctuary where art meets fragrance: Joya Studio. Founded in 2006 by Frederick Bouchardy, Joya’s collection of perfumes distill and capture the essence of earth’s plants and flowers, melding them with various moods and melodies to create beautiful, complex compositions of scent.

With perfumes designed to adapt with your specific chemistry, the scents are uniquely personal to the wearer. If you love woody, musky, or botanical scents, I highly recommend you explore the Joya perfume collection.

Noelle Roll On Perfume

Created in collaboration with Nashville experiential hotel Noelle, this scent is a lively blend featuring several notes, including pink pepper, jasmine green tea, amber, sandalwood, and musk. The fragrance is warm, soft, and welcoming. It wafts in the air in a subtle, attractive yet distinguishably noticeable way. You may not always smell the scent on you, but others in the room will definitely pick up on the pleasant amber, musk, and woody notes as you pass by. If you’re looking for a long lasting scent that lingers in a way that is pleasing and enjoyable, but never overpowering, Noelle is a fantastic choice.

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Âmes Sœurs Roll On Perfume

Âmes Sœurs, meaning “soul mates”, is a perfume featuring a lovely duality between the fresh and the sensual. With bright notes of crisp grapefruit, spicy ginger, and orange blossom blended with unexpected smoke, musk, and incense, the end result is an enticing and well-rounded scent that hugs the skin, leaving you smelling absolutely alluring, fresh and clean. As a roll-on perfume oil, it melts right into the skin but doesn’t overwhelm you or others, making it perfectly appropriate for most, if not all, occasions.

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Foxglove Roll On Perfume

Soft, green, and woody, Foxglove is a botanical scent with notes of blood orange, meadow grass, honeyed jasmine, white cedar, and musk. It’s a smooth and inviting sensory trip that transports you to a bright, green meadow where a gentle breeze carries to you the delicate scent of wild florals and juicy bursts of citrus. If you love green scents blended with inviting florals scents, take a chance with Joya’s Foxglove. It’s perfectly work appropriate, nuanced, and refreshing.

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To learn more about Joya, Joya Studio, or view more of their perfumes or candles, visit them on their website here, or find them on Instagram at @joyastudio.