Let Your Horoscope Choose Your New Signature Scent

When choosing a perfume, I typically mill around a department store counter for hours, trying every scent that sounds interesting, or has a beautiful bottle, until I get a headache from all the fumes. The only problem is you must try a perfume on your skin before buying as your natural chemistry will alter the smell, either enhancing it or changing it completely. And department stores are stingy with the samples unless you’re buying.

So, I decided to take Scentbird’s horoscope quiz and try out a few scents for the very first time.

I’m a November Sagittarius but also a Scorpio cusp: “adventurous and curious” as well as “elusive and mysterious,” according to Scentbird’s zodiac profiles. Each collection has about 12 scents to choose from, so there’s no shortage of options. I went with fresh, summery notes and anything that felt like I could, for just a moment, pretend to escape NYC’s crippling humidity.

Scentbird's fragrance cases for an on-the-go spritz.

With each fragrance selection as part of a $16.95 per month membership, you get an 8ml tube, which will easily last you over a month — even if you’re like me and go a little (or a lot) overboard with the sprays.

The packaging is adorable. The glass tubes are delicate with gold accents and the fragrance cases are perfect to toss in your bag when you’re on-the-go. All orders also come with a description card for each scent, which I loved because if a scent does or doesn’t work on my skin, I like to know its composition and the notes to help me decide for next time. It also makes me sound so posh when someone asks what I’m wearing.

“Oh, my perfume? It’s Tunisian neroli with hints of Sicilian lemon zest.”

I imagine this only happening at the Plaza Hotel bar while sipping on a glass of bubbly.

My picks:

Arancia di Capri by Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma's Arancia di Capri

Retail: $220
You can’t go wrong with Acqua di Parma. This was a Sagittarius must and I have to tip my hat to the accuracy of the horoscope quiz because I actually own the other alternative – Bergamotto di Calabria. This is an incredibly fresh scent with bright, citrusy notes paired with cardamom and caramel to give it a velvety tone. Fragrance of the summer.

Cassiopea by Tiziana Terenzi

Tiziana Terenzi's Cassiopea

Retail: $350
I typically don’t like sweeter scents, but the complexity of this fragrance has me down to the last few sprays. Top notes of passion fruit and cassis help balance the musk and sandalwood base with some floral middle notes of carnation and lily to tie it all together. But also, just look at the bottle!!

Dirty Coconut by Heretic

Heretic's Dirty Coconut

Retail: $165
When I was 15, I wanted to douse myself in Banana Boat tanning oil for three months of the year because, to me, it was the quintessential smell of summer. This is my adulthood equivalent. There’s no shortage of coconut here but smokey notes of cedar and sandalwood really cut through the sweetness and give it some warmth, hence the “dirty” part. Very Scorpio – obsessed.

Libertine by the Maker

The Maker's Libertine
Retail: $175
An energizing burst of lemon zest and mandarin leaf makes this scent so light and airy. It’s fresh but not sweet, really leaning into that signature citrus acidity with notes of grapefruit and vetiver for a kick. You can use half a bottle and still avoid that overwhelming perfume effect.

To my surprise, I loved every fragrance I received. Not because I don’t trust myself to choose the best, but I was sure one or two just wouldn’t sit right on my skin having never tried them before. Turns out it’s not very economic because now I just want to buy four bottles of perfume.

I tend to switch up my fragrance for different events or times of day, so I like variety. But whether you like swapping out your scent every now and again, or you’re a loyalist and just want that one perfect fragrance for all occasions, Scentbird’s service is a great way to test different scents without committing to a pricey bottle. Plus, it’s fun!

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