MCM’s All-Over Spray: Luxury Fragrance for On-The-Go

The luxury German fashion label MCM is known for its iconic clothes, purses, and shoes, and the brand has also dipped into the fragrance world. MCM’s All-Over Spray is the brand’s latest addition to the summer lineup. I tried MCM’s All-Over Spray as an antidote to my mid-day spring stickiness.

The scent masks any on-the-way-home-from-hot-yoga odors. With fruity notes of raspberry and floral jasmine, combined with a woodsy musk, this product has lasting power for the heaviest of humid days. The spray also has argan oil that can be used to moisturize hair. It instantly perked up my dull late-afternoon hair. Its compact, lightweight design makes it easy to take on the go. The non-aerosol spray pump renders this a keeper for me.

MCM’s All-Over Spray

MCM’s All-Over Spray is available at Nordstrom.   

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