Most Romantic Fragrances for Her and Him

If you’ve been reading my reviews, you know that I’ve been saying for years that there’s no such thing as a women’s or a men’s fragrance.  It’s simply a scent in a bottle and if it smells good on you, wear it!  That said, there are fragrances that lean more feminine or more masculine in their appeal, so pay more attention to the specific fragrant notes and my musings than on the look of the bottle. Spray some of these on and let the compliments flow.

Rouge Smoking by BDK

For the woman or guy that’s smoking hot, get them Rouge Smoking by BDK and you’ll both be transported to the sexy vibes of the Pigalle neighborhood of Paris. This eau de parfum, created by perfumer Amelie Bourgeois, opens with a ripe cherry accord  – not cloying like sweet cherry candy – and is soon joined by a sparkling jolt of pink peppercorn and bergamot.  They move into heart notes of black vanilla husk and heliotrope, and finally base notes of ambroxan, tonka bean, labdanum, white musk and soft cashmere woods, while that sexy cherry continues to get smoky through every stage. Rouge Smoking is complex, beautiful and sensual. It has a moderate sillage and lasts many hours.

Available: So Avant Garde

My New York by Bond No.9

We New Yorkers are a tough lot.  And Covid or no Covid, we love our city, as does the perfume house of Bond No.9 which celebrates NYC with beautiful fragrances. Both men and women will love this spicy dose of My New York. Perfumer Michel Almairac has created a truly a shared fragrance…I spray it on and then hubs grabs the bottle and spritzes himself. Neither of us can resist the spicy open notes of ginger, pink pepper and elemi. They then settle into rose absolute and rose essence which aren’t girly as you might expect and lastly finishes softly, but not whimpering, into beautiful base notes of cashmeran wood, sandalwood and soft patchouli.

Available: Bloomingdale’s

Kalan by Parfums de Marly

This irresistible and sexy fragrance, Kalan by Parfums de Marly is housed in one of their men’s bottle shapes, however, don’t let that sway you into thinking it’s too masculine for most women.  Personally, I’m not a wearer of masculine fragrances, but I am a huge fan of this spicy creation, though I think this will be worn by more men than women. Perfumer Julien Sprecher created this stand out oriental scent and it’s a winner. The first spritz hits you with assertive blood orange, black pepper and spices before heading into orange blossom, and then Boom!….you’re practically standing in a field of luscious lavender which lasts and lasts. Kalan then evolves to notes of moss, sandalwood, patchouli, tonka bean, cashmere wood, ambrox and amber. It’s quite irresistible.

Available:  Nordstrom

Hope from ByOrlov

Hope By Orlov is an endearing, easy to wear & share fragrance. In my informal tests of trying it out on friends, relatives and doormen, I haven’t found anyone, man or woman, who didn’t  like it, and all requested some extra spritzes of it on themselves. This floral, woody musk was created by perfumer Amelie Jacquin and opens with notes of pink pepper, bergamot and violet leaf and then moves into heart notes of rose, peach and osmanthus before settling into long lasting base notes of patchouli, cedar and musk. The elegant bottle shape and cap will remind you of a beautifully cut diamond. That’s quite intentional, as the owners of Orlov are also in the diamond business and wanted perfumes that reflect their passion. It’s a wonderful everyday, all year round perfume that will be constantly reached up. I Hope you’ll give it a try.

Available: ByOrlov

Stricnina by V Canto

Starting with the presentation, she’ll know that Stricnina by V Canto  is a very special gift. The burgundy box, closed with a wrapped cord, opens to reveal a beautiful velvet flocked bottle with gold trim and gold medallion. This heady and seductive perfume is not for shrinking violets and makes a bold olfactory statement. Created by perfumer Paolo Terenzi, Stricnina pays homage to Lucrezia Borga, history’s ultimate femme fatale. The perfume opens with passionfruit (no surprise there), cassis, and bergamot and moves into magnolia, ylang-ylang, fig leaf, peach, cinnamon and raspberry. These heart notes last for hours before finally drifting into base notes of vanilla, brown sugar, sandalwood, red patchouli musk and amber.  Stricnina by V Canto has a big sillage and lasts a very long time.  It’ll get you both through the night…and then some.

Available: So Avant Garde

Discovery Set by Euphorium Brooklyn

If you’re looking to surprise and delight someone who has a different sensibility and marches to the beat of a different drummer, you’ll want to get them a Discovery Set by Euphorium Brooklyn created by perfumer and multi talented artist extraordinaire Stephen Dirkes.  Euphorium Brooklyn is a most unique perfume house with an affinity to an imaginary 1860 company in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Intrigued?  So are Euphorium Brooklyn’s perfumes, which run the gamut from chocolate (Chocolatl) to flower petals (Petales) to plum blossum (Ume). Definitely a perfume company to discover.

Available: Euphorium Brooklyn

Escentric Molecules Body Wash 05

Why limit fragrance wearing to only fragrances we spritz on before going out?  A scented body wash either in your AM or PM shower is sometimes just the perfect touch. Or, if you’re like me, it’s never enough, and I use scented body washes even when I’ll be spritzing perfume on afterward.  Escentric Molecules Body Wash 05 has a beautiful cashmeran scent that will transport your daily shower from your bathroom to the feeling of showering in your beautiful Mediterranean villa. It opens with a lively bergamot which immediately puts you in a good mood, then laurel, rosemary, juniper and cypress make you feel even more upbeat. A beautifully calming, and sensual dry down is created by labdanum and mastic resin for a soft woodsy finish. A perfect start or end to any day.

Available:Lucky Scent