Orebella: Bella Hadid’s New Skin-Loving Fragrances

Bella Hadid recently launched a hydrating, alcohol-free line of perfumes called Orebella (the name stems from the translation of Hadid from Arabic to English: iron ore). Oil-based with top layers of essential oils and fragrance notes, the perfumes are genderless and skin-friendly. The debut collection includes three scents: Salted Muse, a woody marine; Blooming Fire, a warm and tropical floral; and Window2Soul, a fresh, sheer floral. I had the chance to test out the third.

Window2Soul, like the other two perfumes, comes in an ultra-unique glass bottle (this one is a mauve-pink color) that fits ergonomically in the hand; rather than standing up straight like a traditional perfume bottle, it’s designed to lie down. You can also purchase a stand separately if you’d like to prop it up. 

This fragrance starts off with a burst of fresh lemon that sweetens on the skin–geranium, mint, jasmine, damask rose, and tonka bean are the official notes. I’ve never smelled anything quite like this before; it’s not your typical white floral, but creamier and fresher. I would describe it as a your-skin-but-better smell that you can spray generously without offending those around you. It’s become an easy reach for me.

The juice inside the bottle is what makes this collection of fragrances so interesting to me–it’s slightly cloudy and clearly contains oil, but when sprayed, it doesn’t leave a stain on clothes or a greasy residue on skin. It absorbs into the skin (or dries on clothing) with little to no trace, leaving a lovely aroma. Before spritzing it, be sure to shake the bottle (seasoned perfume lovers will recoil at the thought–but do not fear, you will not damage the molecules). 

I’m loving Window2Soul and can’t wait to get my nose on the other two.