Prestigious, Premium Perfumes without Breaking the Bank

We all have a choice: spend top dollar on luxury perfumes or get the very same quality at an affordable price (while being vegan, 100% clean, and cruelty free). I choose the latter, and you will too with Alt. Fragrance.

This season I’ve been wearing three Alt. Fragrances that have changed my perspective of scents going through my day.

In mornings when the air is crisp and cold I spray on Novel, a warm and cozy scent that reminds me why I am an English major! Inspired by the ever-so-popular Whispers in the Library, Novel shares similar scents of toasty vanilla, spicy pepper and cedar wood, and a delicious base of tonka bean. I head to the library with this in tow, a few spritzes and I feel the sad girl’s autumnal vibes kicking in.

On days where I want to smell like myself but just a wee bit elevated, I reach for Particle. It’s a molecular perfume, meaning it’s composed of one ingredient: ISO E Super, which imparts a clean yet almost undetectable aroma. Particle is useful for layering with other perfumes by adding nuance of freshness. There’s nothing like Particle.

Sun goes down, and I’ve been heading out to late night cafes and clubs. Crystal Smash is a fragrance that plays well in both environments (because sometimes I never know where the night will take me). An inspired combination of two cult classics: Lost Cherry and Baccarat Rouge 540, on initial spritz it opens with a juicy cherry and mysterious vanilla. As the evening goes on, Crystal Smash dries down to a smoky tonka bean, soothing lavender, and earthy sage. It’s a go-to scent every night as it plays best in the fall and winter. This perfume is a 10/10! Alt. Fragrances: top quality without top dollar, shop their website here.