Robert Piguet’s Fracas: Timeless & Sophisticated

Fracas Hair Mist & Rollerball Gift Set

Perfume is a wonderful way to raise the spirits and feel more confident. The Fracas Hair Mist & Rollerball Gift Set has everything you want in a fragrance and this double duo has you covered from head to toe. Why shouldn’t you and your hair smell fabulous when you step out? Specifically created for your locks, this hair mist does not dry out your hair or stimulate frizz. The rollerball glides on smoothly releasing its captivating scent and it’s a real head turner. It also fits perfectly in any bag, so you have no excuse not to smell amazing when traveling, at the gym, shopping, etc.

Created in 1948, the legendary Fracas scent has been a long-time leader in the fragrance industry. Provide your birth date with your email and receive 10% off plus free standard shipping on domestic orders of $75 or more.