Scentbird: A Perfume Subscription Fit for Any Summer’s Day

For me, summer evokes scents of ocean air, sunscreen, and freshly mowed grass. Finding a scent that encapsulates the warmth and promise of summer can feel like a daunting task, but Scentbird is here to help. This monthly subscription box curates perfume samples for you each month, so you can change your scent based on the season or even your current mood. 

At Beauty News NYC, we love summer fragrances. I asked Bettina O’Neill, Scentbird’s Senior Vice President of Business Development & Merchandising, for her best recommendations for some gender neutral summer perfumes worth investing in. 

Lust for Sun by Juliette has a Gun, which truly smells like summer with notes of coconut and a blend of white florals.

Pistachio by D.S. & Durga, which is earthy and green and smells exactly like a pistachio! Who knew that smelling like a nut was so cool?

La Mar by House of Bo, means the sea, which is perfect because it has aquatic, citrus, coconut, and white floral notes. You feel like you’ve escaped to Mexico!

Suncrest by Ulrich Lang is like sipping a peach Bellini on the beach! With notes of juicy peach, white florals, and blackcurrant. [It’s] a personal favorite.

We’re excited to launch JO LOVES late summer, with Pomelo… a blend of citrus, pomelo, vetiver & rose…delicious!

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