Songsaa Hawaii: Magical Oils for the Skin and Soul

Songsaa Hawaii founders Eric and Penny have a love story that goes back years in the making. It’s the love that they rediscovered and personal healing journeys that brought them to create Songsaa Hawaii. The word Songsaa actually translates to the word love in Cambodia.

Songsaa Hawaii’s mission is to create exquisite products that inspire embodied wisdom and a path of beauty. Penny and Eric say, “At Songsaa Hawaii we are creating the products we want to see in the world as a reflection of the way we live; naturally as possible, with intention and love. We know without a doubt that true wealth is our greatest health. We believe authentic beauty exudes when we are aligned with nature, our core values and our heart’s song. We take care of our minds, bodies, hearts and spirits everyday, as a way of being.”

The oils are cherished for their earthly elegance of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Vetiver, spirit-elevating Frankincense & Myrrh, and intoxicatingly subtle aromas of Rose, Jasmine & Blue Lotus. Songsaa products are 100% natural and contain no chemical preservatives. They are multi-purpose and best applied on clean, damp skin when pores and body are open. The magical oils can be used on the face, body, hair and nails. With a gorgeous aroma, the oils lead to hydrated, supple skin, renewed spirit and radiant glow. Songsaa Hawaii is ideal for all skin types.

Made in Hawaii, Penny and Eric wish everyone Love and Aloha with Songsaa Hawaii Oils for the skin, spirit and soul.