SpartiScents to Get the Party Started

We all know that fragrance is serious business. We spend a lot of money on beautiful perfumes to wear on special occasions, impress a certain someone, or create romance. But how about some fun, inexpensive, not so serious fragrances that are perfect to gift oneself, or to share with friends? Sparti Scents excels in that category.

Sparti Scents was created by two female entrepreneurs who have been in the fragrance and beauty business for many years. Owners Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas set out to change the preciousness of perfume and make it an affordable, fun way to wear fragrance, and with a new delivery system. Not a spray, not a roller ball, not a cream, but a colorful solid gel stick that sits in a tube. Simply open the non-spillable easy-to-travel-with tube and apply wherever it tickles your fancy.

There are three Sparti’s to choose from:

Dance Sparti is the sexiest and has notes of starfruit, coriander leaf, frozen lemon, sandalwood, musk and warm yummy amber.

Love Sparti is a bright bouquet of florals which include hyacinth and lavender, along with fruity notes, as well as musk, patchouli and creamy woods.

Spring Sparti keeps the spirit of spring alive all throughout the year. Enjoy juicy notes of grapefruit, mandarin, and nectarine, which then meld in soft white peony, ginger lily and orris, and then finishes with a dry down of musk, amber and vanilla.

Sparti Scents are only $28 each and each one comes in a re-useable pouch filled with fun party paper. If you buy all three, you’ll get the box seen above. It’s a great gift for friends, relatives, teachers, bridesmaids, and come the holiday’s, makes a perfect stocking stuffer. Now get this Sparti started!