Spring Fragrances to Love: Greenley & More Is More

Choosing the right fragrance does not just make you smell intoxicatingly captivating, but it can also act as an instant mood-lifter or even impart extra confidence when you walk into a room. These two luxurious products will take you to an olfactory paradise:

As the weather gets warmer, and the seasons change, now is the time to find your new spring fragrance. Something that makes you feel really good and vibrant. Check out renowned niche global brand Parfums de Marly, which recently launched their newest unisex fragrance Greenley. This refreshing fragrance mixes woody and fruity notes for a lively tribute to nature. Both green apple and cashmeran are top notes in this intriguing scent. The stunning bottle the fragrance comes in is equally as regal as the scent.

Fragrance does not need to have a distinct label only for a man or woman, and Greenley’s aromatic citrus scent is perfect for both sexes. What is even better is that you can share it with your significant other. As you as you spray a little bit of Greenley on, you instantly feel energized and ready for the day. Free shipping and receive complimentary samples with your order. Nab your Greenley at https://us.parfums-de-marly.com/

More is More
Let’s talk about custom blending scents in its finest form. If you tend to be indecisive when it comes to choosing a fragrance for the day, then you need More is More. With this versatile perfume you can choose from three fragrances that you can wear alone or together for a total of seven possibilities. Get creative depending on your mood, and have fun experimenting, as all the scents smell divine. I love mixing and matching and seeing the different reactions I get with More is More. And I have a new signature scent that I even named myself! The bottle utilizes three chambers: one filled with a sweet gourmand scent of blackcurrant and gingerbread; the second a zesty blend of citrus; the third a floral combination of florals. Produced by the iconic Judith Leiber brand, More is More is a new-to-market innovation that raises the pleasure of a superior fragrance through its world-first bottle design and exclusive opportunity for customization. Self-express your individuality and unique tastes and go to https://shop.judithleibermoreismore.com/