Top Summer Indie Fragrance Picks

As much as I love Perfume Tok, the same amazing fragrances are mentioned over and over. Parfum de Marly Delina, Prada Paradox, and Baccarat Rouge 540 anyone? So I thought I’d explore a couple of truly indie fragrances that you’ll never smell on anyone else: Peace of Purple and Spilled Milk were the two recent fragrance releases I tried. Perhaps one is your next signature scent?

Take it to the Tropics
Peace of Purple is an intoxicating tropical Jasmine Coconut perfume oil with an unexpected twist. There’s a note of close-to-home purple hyacinth that conjures up backyard florals, making this scent much more evocative than your typical tropical. Redolent jasmine oil has long been known to calm the mind so it invites you to be more open to unexpected positive possibilities. And the dreamy beachy essence of Peace of Purple refreshes you like an instant vacation. Sulfate and paraben-free, Peace of Purple’s fragrance lasts all day and the sumptuous oil offers skin moisturizing properties. This fragrance was created by renowned accessories entrepreneur Simone I. Smith (Don’t sleep on her phenomenal hoop earring assortment!) who has worn Peace of Purple as her own signature fragrance for 20 years because it symbolizes creativity and royalty with a down-to-earth vibe. Embrace your own regal inner peace this summer with this uplifting yet sultry floral.

A Go-Lightly Gourmand
Air & Weather Perfume is legit niche. All of the lines’s fragrances are created and filled to order in perfumer Julia Crowe’s New York City studio. Crowe is a visual as well as fragrance artist who studied at Cinquieme Sens. (Check out her watercolors.) Her latest fragrance creation is a refined milky gourmand, Spilled Milk. Inspired by Crowe’s time living in rural Ireland near ldyllic dairy farms, she describes Spilled Milk as the ultimate creme brulee scent. Featuring notes of Demerara rock crystal sugar, plush silk velvet, milk and hay notes set into a base of honey, Mysore sandalwood, toffee and real aromatic vanilla bean, Spilled Milk manages a rare fragrance high wire act. It’s a creamy comforting scent yet still uncommonly airy. Even you splash it on, Spilled Milk retains a yummy delicacy that’s addictively wearable year round.

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