Valentine’s Day Gifts: Carrière Frères – Love Is A Rose

Here are some gorgeous Valentine’s Day gift ideas from France’s Carrière Frères for anyone you want to delight:

Carriere Freres
This magnificent brand dates back to 1884, and in the tradition of the master wax makers of the 17th and 18th centuries, was awarded a gold medal at the Exposition Universelle of 1889, so they do know a thing or two about the art of perfuming. Carefully handcrafted in their workshop in Normandy, Carrière Frères’ scented candles are made with manufacturing secrets culled over the centuries. The Carrier Freres ‘Love is a Rose’ collection just now launched, and consists of two unique scents: La Rose aime le Poivre and La Rose aime la Menthe. Each new fragrance blends the majestic Damascus Rose with contrasting Spearmint and spicy Pepper to create two new fresh aromas. The beautiful candle-set is encased in a soft pink and green matte glass with florals, and the collection also includes two fragrance diffusers as well as a La Rose aime le Poivre botanical palette, sprinkled with rose buds and peppercorns. These are the most intriguingly lovely scents you’ll ever find. The diffuseur de parfum or the candle, or both as a set, are ideal for the rose lovers in your life.

Both Carriere Freres candles and diffuseur de parfum are vegan/vegetable wax, and come in an array of incredibly memorable scents. Carriere Freres arranges its candle aromas by woods, flowers, fruits and herbs, and may have as many as 10 selections in each category, so you can choose by season or by favorites. True botanists at heart, the selections on offer are a gift to the senses. Their Botanical Palets are a unique olfactory treat, as are the diffusers de parfum and room sprays. Their Icon selection is centered on Tomato, Orange Blossom, Lavender, Spearmint, Cedar. You must delve into this brand! It’s one you’ll return to time and again for many special occasions to come.

Check out the selection at Carriere Freres and their products are also available at Neiman Marcus stores and Bloomingdales.