Veronique Gabai Aroma: Heart, Body & Soul

Veronique Gabai Aroma’s Heart, Body + Soul formulas are biodegradable, vegan, and natural. All of their bottles are recyclable and re-usable, too. More than perfume, Veronique Gabai is veritable perfume therapy. Discover three 10ml perfumes that promote joy, creativity, and confidence (Heart); strength, balance and sensuality (Body); and peace, relaxation and spirituality (Soul). Here’s an olfactory breakdown of these all-natural, fragrant essences-of-nature:

A citrus-rich formula, Heart delivers joy and positivity. Discover the gentle, healing power of a scent that battles anxiety and fatigue, offers renewed self-confidence, and helps you open up to others. A natural mood-booster, Heart is a supplement of optimism for every personality and a social lubricant. Pair with with Body and/or Soul or wear alone for parties and other social get-togethers. It smells like the orange trees and gardens in Seville, Spain.

BERGAMOT for joy and optimism

GRAPEFRUIT boosts energy, inspires forward movement

LEMON brings warmth and vitality

CITRONELLA: increases awareness and openness to others

CEDARWOOD soothes, refreshes


CLOVE energizes vital force, helps embrace the future

JASMINE imparts confidence and balances emotions
Rife with rose and patchouli, Body balances emotions and helps you feel your own needs and become centered. Experience the power of a scent that aligns body and mind for a renewed sense of strength and self-love. A regenerative formula, Body alleviates stress, enhances sensuality, and even acts as a light aphrodisiac. It helps reconnect with one’s own body. Pair it with yoga and date nights.

ROSE balances emotions, brings well-being, inner peace, compassion, and love

PATCHOULI connects with the physical body, allows sensual expression

GERANIUM relaxes, reconnects with one’s needs

BENZOIN enhances warmth, sensuality, physical well-being

CLOVE LEAF acts as a light aphrodisiac
A wood and lavender-rich formula, Soul is a tranquil and soothing aroma that’s ideal for de-stressing. Uncover the appeasing properties of a scent that re-aligns energies, brings harmony and peace of mind, and cleanses mental horizons. A spiritual boost, Soul calms nervous tension to open the mind up to new, elevated experiences. It helps connect with the greater force of the universe. How awesome is this for your adding to your summer experiences?

CEDARWOOD soothes, elevates mind and soul, freedom from fear, gives courage

LAVENDER cleans cerebral horizons, connects to nature

ELEMI re-centers energies, brings harmony and balance

OLIBANUM calms, allows a spiritual elevation of the soul

Set of 3: Heart 10ml, Body 10ml, Soul 10ml Coffret Eau de Parfum

Price: $95

Available: HERE

Bonus note: the brand conducted a study in partnership with renowned IMMERSION Neuroscientists to be certain that that they could share the positive, proven benefits that AROMA products can have on a person’s life. Results showed that AROMA perfumes really and truly do positively impact an emotional state. Participants experienced up to a 58% increase in their level of emotional engagement or change in their emotional state after smelling AROMA fragrances. So sniff up for your well-being!