Your New Signature Scent: Five Spring Fragrance Picks

We often think of spring as a period of rebirth, new beginnings–even transformation. As we clean out our homes and reawaken our souls with the warming weather, why not opt for a new fragrance to complete the metamorphosis? Read on for five unique options that have the potential to become your new signature scent. 

Parfums de Marly’s Meliora is a dream come true for those who fantasize about magical and secret gardens in the springtime. A fragrant cocktail with a heart of rose, jasmine tea, and ylang-ylang, Meliora is delicate, green, and lightly floral; it makes me think of an ethereal flower fairy hosting a garden party, dressed in a breezy, white gossamer gown. The opening of this scent is fresh due to top notes of lemon essence, raspberry, and red berries, but it dries down to a soft, creamy base of vanilla, musk, and cedarwood, leaving a mysterious trail that will undoubtedly charm and intrigue those around you. 

For something more aquatic, try Clean Reserve’s new Water Lotus from the H2Eau collection. These fragrances are eco-conscious and sustainable–and inspired by water. Water Lotus opens with a burst of freshness that reminds me of dew on green grass—water lily, cucumber water, and mandarin (which is sustainably sourced by local growers in South America) comprise the opening. As the fragrance settles, its middle notes of muguet (also known as lily of the valley), apple blossom, and peony are gently revealed, and I think of a scattering of pink petals blown onto a serene pond. Base notes of musk, amber, and driftwood characterize the dry-down. This perfume is sheer and cooling, almost cutting through heat like your own portable air conditioner to spritz on whenever you need it.

Caswell-Massey’s Peony is a treat for lovers of this delicate, extravagant blossom. It opens with a sweet and floral cloud of wild berry–I think of the color pink, epitomized–then quickly transforms into a fresh, living peony, its roots still firmly in the soil. Sweet amber and green resin make up the base notes. Wearing this fragrance is like walking past a peony bush as a hot breeze guides the powdery sweetness of the petals to your nose. If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of Peony, it comes in a bar soap, too. The bonus? Every purchase of the Peony perfume supports the New York Botanical Garden’s work in plant research, conservation, horticulture, and education.

If you’re looking for something light and refreshing, yet still individual, look no further than Ormonde Jayne’s Sakura. Its namesake means “cherry blossom” in Japanese, and it is an elegant conglomeration of lime, mandarin, pink pepper, cherry, almond, violet, vanilla, and more. When first sprayed, Sakura provides a zesty punch of fresh lime–almost like a generous sip of gin and tonic. Its complexity, though, is revealed throughout the dry-down–and throughout your day, as the lime subsides and the myriad other notes begin to peek themselves through in the sillage. Mystifying and dynamic in its ever-changing nature, Sakura isn’t easy to capture–but it is beautiful. 

Finally, if you’re a devoted lover of neroli and orange blossom like myself, you simply must try the sustainable luxury fragrance house Sana Jardin’s Berber Blonde. With top notes of bergamot and bitter orange in the opening, Berber Blonde starts off sunny and uplifting. Neroli oil and orange flower make up the heart notes, with musk at the base. This fragrance is a true love letter to pure orange blossom, not too citrusy or too sweet. Think of a constellation of those little white star-shaped petals on green leaves, growing next to bright, plump oranges on a tree. This scent is nostalgic, but never heady; it’s truly delicious.