From Arch Enemy to Arch Love


Eyebrows are often underestimated.
Women put lots of energy into styling their hair or applying makeup but might not realize that over-plucked or untamed eyebrows can undermine an otherwise great look.
I resolved to step a better-groomed foot forward into 2013 and knew my brows, which were asymmetrical, too thin in some places and too wide in others, needed some improvements.

I went to Browhaus, a salon in Nolita that specializes in brow and lash grooming services. Michelle, a technician gave me the Browgraphy: Shaping and Color Tweak, first threading and tweezing my brows into an elegant, symmetrical shape and then applied vegetable-based dye with natural-looking but more defined results.

I was surprised by how quickly and painlessly Michelle gave me neat, stylish brows, and she also suggested I use Extend Lash and Brow Serum, which can encourage brow re-growth in 2-4 weeks so that sparse, over-plucked areas can fill in.

Another intriguing option is Brow Resurrection, a process that “draws” individual brow hairs using tiny needles and semi-permanent dye into brows in whatever shape or color you desire that will last for about three years. I was worried that the “tattooed” brows wouldn’t look natural, but Michelle’s eyebrows looked perfect and natural, and I would never have realized there were dyed strands mixed into her brows. She drew individual strands onto my brows to show me how Brow Resurrection could give me fuller, more elongated brows, and while the service is a bigger investment than others, the promise of better-looking, immediate, long-lasting results is exciting.

Browhaus, with locations globe-wide in places as far-flung as London, Singapore and Jakarta, is on the forefront of brow and lash services, and with an increasing male clientele, there’s nothing girly about the salon – there are even products such as Numb Nuts, pain relief cream for manscaping. In fact, Browhaus reminds me of a club (with dance music and industrial-style fixtures) where you start getting ready for your night on the town.

At Browhaus well-groomed eyebrows are a resolution that will be easy to keep.
Browhaus 56 Spring Street 212-431-1124 and online at

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