Get All Eyes on You with the Sexiest Eyelash Extensions from Christian Zamora

Christian Zamora in his Flatiron Studio

Christian Zamora is one very talented New York makeup artist whose work appears in tons of magazine pages, on television, at weddings, and on the red carpet. Zamora has created beautiful looks for famous ladies such as Paloma Picasso, Brooklyn Decker, Stefi Graf, Katie Holmes, Lara Spencer, Ingrid Vanderbosch and many others, as well as beauty industry insiders, editors and CEO’s. His incredibly charming warmth and easy going nature will draw you in for a first visit, but it’s his talent for making you look your best that will make you a devotee. His mantra is, “Helping a woman own her own beauty makes my day”.

While Christian creates beautiful faces, what he really loves to focus on are a woman’s eyes and he is the master of eyelash extensions. OMG!!! You want knock ‘em dead with the sexiest lashes? Do you have sparse lashes or are you simply tired of being a slave to the daily mascara wand? Then get thee to Christian Zamora studio! For me, it was the daily mascara application that took way too much time. My natural lashes are long, but I needed 2–3 coats of mascara to give them volume. And removing it all every night was no picnic either.

Here’s what you need to know about eyelash extensions…

Bet you can’t tell where real lashes end and the extensions begin

Not all eyelash extensions are alike. Unlike false eyelashes that sit on top of your eyelashes, lash extensions are applied to your own individual lashes one at a time. Also unlike false eyelashes, you absolutely won’t feel lash extensions and you’ll forget you have them. The process takes about 2 hours depending on how many you’re getting and the skill of the person applying them. Lashes can be made from silk, mink or synthetic and most people opt for synthetic for a variety of reasons. Another important difference between Christian Zamora Studio and many other places is the glue. Places that offer cheap extensions use poor quality glue made with formaldehyde which not only irritates the eyes, but isn’t good for you to breathe. Also the cheapo places don’t take the time to make sure every lash is perfect and well secured. A talented lash artist applies extensions that will stay on longer and can create eyes that appear wider, rounder, elongated or whatever your desired look is. I wanted a natural look but with more volume.

I got comfortable on the spa bed in Christian’s beautiful studio as he sat behind me to work. He placed a gel eye pad under my eyes to protect the lower lashes and the rest was total relaxation. Many people doze off during the process as it’s that gentle.

Once he was done and I looked in the mirror… Wow! I was beyond thrilled with the results. They don’t look like false lashes, and no clumps like with mascara. They simply look like my own natural lashes…. if my own natural lashes were darker and thicker. Even when inspected very closely you can’t tell where the extension meets the natural eyelash. Perfection.

It’s great to say, “I woke up like this!”

What you’ll love about lash extensions is looking like you’ already have most of your makeup on when you wake up, as well as how much less eye makeup you’ll end up applying every day. Being a natural redhead, I have redness on my eyelids, so I use a little primer for coverage and then use eyeliner to create a thin line, and that’s it, my eye makeup is finished. Putting on my full daily makeup now takes about 5 minutes total.

How to take care of lash extensions

If you’re careful, your eyelash extensions won’t fall off until the real lash it’s attached to falls out, which is a naturally occurring cycle of about 6 weeks. The biggest “no no” is using eye makeup remover containing glycol as this will weaken the adhesive. Zamora recommends using simple baby oil to remove eye makeup. It’s okay to wash your face with water or to swim, just be careful not to rub your eyes with a towel – gently blot. Lash extension aficionados schedule maintenance appointments every month or so to fill in rather then get a whole new set every couple of months.

Warning….these are addicting!

Once you’ve have them, you may never want to not have them. You’ll be addicted to the long lush lashes that look like they’re your own, only better, without using mascara, and waking up and looking like you already have your makeup on Don’t say I didn’t warn you….in a good way that is.

Christian Zamoria Studio 1133 Broadway (26th street) New York, NY 212.255.5160

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